Teacher Fired After Saying He Can’t Confirm Holocaust As ‘Factual’ Event

Paddy Clarke 1 Nov 2019

One school principal has been fired from his job after he refused to confirm that the holocaust was a "factual event".

The school board recent voted him out with a vote of 5-2.

The principal made the controversial remarks in August.

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William Latson, former principal at Spanish River Community High School in Florida, sent a shocking email to a parent back in August, responding to the parent's concerns surrounding the teaching of the holocaust.

The emails were later obtained through a public records request.

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In the emails, Latson refused to confirm that the holocaust was a "factual event".

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"Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened," Latson wrote in the email. "And you have your thoughts, but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs."

He went on to write, "I can't say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so," in the emails since released online.

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Latson's comments were made with severe criticism.

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At the time of their publication, the school's superintendent released a statement condoning Latson's words:

"Mr. Latson made a grave error in judgment in the verbiage he wrote in [the email].

"In addition to being offensive, the principal's statement is not supported by either the School District Administration or the School Board."

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Laston has previously issued an apology for his statements.

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At the time that the emails were released, Latson was on holiday in Jamaica, according to WFLX.

Latson did eventually release an apology, saying that the "verbiage" he used "did not accurately reflect my professional and personal commitment to educating all students about the atrocities of the Holocaust."

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Following a vote by the school board, Latson has been fired.

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Latson was initially reassigned to another position within the school district; and, in July, Latson was sent to the United States Holocaust Museum in an attempt to educate him on the matter.

However, the school board voted to fire him 5-2 in a vote earlier this week.

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Laston's termination will take effect on the 21st November.

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Apparently, the school district was irritated and concerned by Latson's lax attitude to responding to emails while the controversy surrounding his comments was gaining widespread media attraction:

"While his email was receiving global news coverage, Mr. Latson failed to respond to communications from his supervisors and failed to assist the District in addressing the serious disruption caused by the aforementioned email and news coverage," said the school district in a statement to CNN.

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Latson's termination has been met positively by the public.

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Stop shared the news with the hashtag #ByeByeBill. Comments on the story included the likes of:

"Good. Don’t need anyone like him in our schools".

"Good. Now you have time to read the history books. Learn something".

"My father was in the Royal Navy during WWll. The Holocaust was real, very real. For these idiots that say it wasn't should be fired and never allowed to teach ever again."

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Latson can still appeal the decision.

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Latson can appeal the school board's decision until the 20th November; however, it is uncertain whether or not he will seek to appeal.

The school district has ardently claimed that it is aware that the holocaust did happen, with Frank Barbieri Jr., Palm Beach County school board Chairman, making this statement back in July:

"Every generation must recognize, and learn from, the atrocities of the Holocaust's incomprehensible suffering and the enduring stain that it left on humankind."

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Hopefully, this decision will help those offended by the remarks.

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With the news of Latson's termination, hopefully parents and students offended by the shocking comments will be able to start moving forward.

h/t: CNN & The Hill

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