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Frustrated Parents Ask Friends And Family Not To Spoil Their Baby Announcement

Marilisa Racco 1 Nov 2019

The lead-up to having a baby is so exciting. There are the doctor's appointments, the sonograms, the tracking of how big the baby is getting at every stage, and of course, the thrill of posting all the updates to social media.

And while undoubtedly parents welcome engagement from friends and family through these updates, what they really don't want is for someone else to take it upon themselves to share the news of their baby's birth.

Parents, especially those who live far from their family, love the ease of communication that social media affords.

Facebook | Rebecca Alwine

For Rebecca Alwine, who was living overseas when both her children were born in 2008 and 2010 respectively, it was a given that her husband would take a picture of their newborn and then go back to their home to post the news to social media. She says things like Facebook made it so much easier to share their news without having to make multiple phone calls.

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But the birth of their child is their experience to share, or not share, with their social media community.


Some parents, however, have been scooped on social media by family members or friends when it has come time to announce their child's birth. Though it might be well-intentioned, it's frustrating and disappointing, and some people feel they need to send a reminder that it's their announcement to make and not anyone else's.

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Everyone gets excited at the news of a new baby, but you really should check with the parents if it's OK to announce it publicly.


To be fair, this usually happens accidentally. Sometimes it's an over-exuberant new aunt or uncle, other times it's a mother-in-law who simply can't wait to brag. But it really comes down to common sense about whether you should make a public statement about the birth of a new child before its own parents do.

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Take into consideration the emotions of a postpartum mom and how her immediate family wants to share the experience.

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It's no secret the body and mind are flooded with hormones postpartum, making it an especially delicate time for a mother. Consider how she would feel if you stole her thunder, so to speak. And if the baby is born to siblings, consider how those (oftentimes) young children feel about announcing the new baby. They probably also experience a thrill in sharing the news with their community.

So, the next time someone you know has a baby, let them handle the announcements. You just settle in and get ready to cuddle and coo over their new addition.

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