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Front Hair Bumps From The 2000s Are Making A Comeback

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, trends come and go, and then they come back again. That's not always a good thing. However, there is one beauty trend that never totally went away, but now it's making its way back in a more subtle way.

I'm talking about the front hair bump that was popular in the early 2000s. So let's dive into this subject more closely. Shall we?

Did you sport the front hair bump back in the day?


I'm not talking about the high bump that Snooky made popular. No, sir! That method was way too much for me, at least. No, I'm talking about something a little bit reserved.

That's the style currently trending.

woman in a TikTok video
TikTok | @itskatesteinberg

It's definitely a cute look, no? It's also a great way to hide bangs you may have cut off by accident in a bold way, and then you lived to regret it, hee-hee. I've been there, girlfriend, so don't feel too bad.

Do you ever feel too lazy to wash your hair?

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I hear you loud and clear. The front bump is there to the rescue. Just gather those greasy locks in one swoop and put them up in a light ponytail. Then, slick it back, and voilà, your hair looks super cute again.

You don't even have to be a hairstylist to achieve this look.

Woman in TikTok video
TikTok | @itskatesteinberg

Trust me, I'm far from that, ha, ha. In fact, I suck at doing my hair and makeup. So if there's a simple style that doesn't require too much time or styling tools — sign me up. I'm all for this look coming back.

So how do you achieve this look?

As I said, it's really simple. Just gather a bunch of your hair from the front of your face. Pull it back and tease it a little with a big round brush. Then, pull it back and tie it all together. Now you just recreated the hair bump from the 2000s.

Here's the thing.

TikTok comments
TikTok | @itskatesteinberg

Some women never stopped doing this. I have done it myself, too, even not that long time ago. So those of us are super happy that it's officially back. Am I right, ladies? Aha! Let's do a happy dance right now.

And the best part is that this is easy.

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Giphy | Lilly Singh

Forget all those long hours you have to spend in front of the mirror recreating some elaborate look, huh? I don't know about you, but I don't have time for that, ha, ha. For me, it's all about simplicity. That's the motto of my life right now.

Here's another good point.

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TikTok | @itskatesteinberg

This hairstyle pretty much looks good on everyone. Plus, you can wear it just about anywhere. The gym, the office, out for dinner — the possibilities are endless.

So what's the verdict?

woman excited saying "I'm in"
Giphy | Loryn Powell

Are you happy that the front hair bump is back? Did you stop wearing it when the trend died down in the 2000s? Or is this your go-to hairstyle anyway, and you don't care what anybody has to say? I'm with you, girl. Be your own trendsetter, is what I say.