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Women Share Some Of The Strangest Things About Parenting

Becoming a parent is a huge step in a person's life, especially for women. Being a mother is giving your life for someone else, every day until we die basically. We look out for our kids, no matter how young or old they are, and we make sure they know they're never alone. But, while parenting can be beautiful and sweet, it can also be rather strange, too.

Sneaking around like you're a kid again.

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"You sneak around after they go to bed & it’s almost like when you were a teenager trying not to wake up your parents .. only now you’re the parents .. life is so strange," shared Reddit user Vikingtender.

They humble you.

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Hefty_Breadfruit said that your toddler is going to see you naked more than anyone else, and comment on all of the little things wrong with your body, too. It's a "humbling" experience to hear it all come out.

Core memories come out.

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Jamievs26 shared that watching your kids go through their awkward stages of middle school brings up all of those memories from when we, as kids ourselves, had to navigate those years too. It can be rather traumatic.

When they pull a "you" on you.

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6d9chickens said that when you use specific words, phrases, or rules with your kids, they will turn around and try to use the same ideology on you eventually. Sometimes, they get too smart for us.

Teaching kids to wipe.

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nanny2359 said that obviously, the strangest part is having to teach them how to go to the bathroom and also how to wipe. I mean, poop conversations can be normal, but also they become too regular in parenting.

They talk about a bunch of garbage.

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"Once they can talk, they're going to spend half a decade or more talking about the most inane bulls--t in the world. And you have to pay attention, because they'll call you on it if you don't, but inside you're screaming," said Alert-Potato.

You know your kids, down to their poop.

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IAmNotTeriyakiSauce said that it's strange that you can always tell which diaper is your kid's based on the smell of it. Which, not many parents want to admit, but it's the truth. We can smell our own kid's poop.

Siblings are wild.

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"For me it’s experiencing siblings. I have 3 kids. I’m an only child so I don’t understand the relationships they have or the constant bickering one minute and playing the next. It’s weird," shared Vv3eb1024.

The transition from not having kids to having kids.

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peasantstew said the craziest part of parenting is when you go from being alone and all of a sudden you have a child with you everywhere you go and have to do everything with them at all times.

When you're a boy mom.

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"Potty training my son, and having to un-stick his willy from his balls so it's pointing down into the potty. That's not something I ever expected and is now part of daily life," said Justcameheretovote.

How breastfeeding is so complicated and hard.

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Heavy-hiker said that many people don't realize that breastfeeding takes such a toll on your body and also how it can be incredibly complicated and hard to do. Sometimes, your body just doesn't want to produce milk.

Parenthood is a "paradox."

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"You want your kids to eat healthy but you also want them to not feel shamed by snacks/'junk' food. You want your kids to be able to make their own decisions but sometimes you have to tell them to just do what you say," said MotherRainbow.

Having to woo other parents.

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Mama_Awesome said that the strangest part is having to always talk to other parents, even when you don't really know them. At day care, or soccer practice, or birthday parties. It can get rather awkward at times.

Your teens become you.

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Emu_with_attitude said that it's strange to watch your kids grow up into mini versions of yourself and sometimes have the same quirks and mannerisms that you had when you were their age.

Teaching them the rules.

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"Not necessarily strange but 'fun' to navigate, body part names aren't bad words but we don't just toss them into casual conversations about literally anything and they are not names for dolls or pets," said PINKnPURPLEppl.