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People Slam Bride Who Charged $15 For Unlimited Drinks At Her Wedding

Every bride takes a lot of time and energy to plan their wedding, down to the last specific detail. One part of planning a wedding is deciding how you want to serve food and drinks. Many weddings are a place for people to drink and experience an "open bar," so they can let loose and have a good time. But, having an open bar can be quite expensive.

Some brides choose to do the open bar regardless of price.

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As many people anticipate drinking when they attend a wedding, some brides opt for the open bar regardless to appease their guests. Many guests want to drink and get drunk, dance, and have a good time.

However, some brides do a "cash bar."

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There are those brides who also want to do a cash bar because the bar packages can be expensive. Especially for brides who don't drink, it's an easy decision for them.

Then, of course, there are those who don't serve alcohol.

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Some brides don't even serve any alcohol at their wedding. Whether it's because they are sober, or they are religious, or they just don't care to drink — there are ton of weddings that are "dry."

One bride decided to switch things up, however, for her own wedding.

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Shared on a "wedding shaming" forum on Reddit, a bride's post was reshared about her plan for her wedding bar. The bride said she would be having unlimited drinks, but in order to get the open bar, you had to pay up.

She was asking for $15 from each person.

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The $15 would be broken down to specific things. $10 of the money was going to go towards either their honeymoon or house fund. And, the $5 would be a tip for the bartender, who was a friend of the family's.

When she told her family about her plan, they said it was wrong.

Reddit post about charging for drinks at wedding
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Her family argued that if she was going to have an open bar at the wedding, they shouldn't make anyone throw down money to be able to drink and have a good time.

Many people on Reddit had their own opinions on whether or not the bride's plan was fair.

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Some people thought that it was entirely unreasonable and unfair to have people pay for drinks at a wedding, as many couples pay for it as part of their wedding package.

However, some felt it wasn't the "worst" idea.

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"This isn’t the worst idea I’ve seen on this sub ( and $15 for unlimited drinks as a donation isn’t unreasonable ) but what really annoyed me is the ‘we paid for the wedding and honeymoon all by ourselves,'" said GeekFit26.

Others said it was tacky to say they're funding their honeymoon or house.

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"Yeah, I really don’t think this is the worst idea. I think what’s tacky is she’s telling everyone the $ is to fund the honeymoon/house. Just tell everyone unlimited drinks are $15 and shut up about where it’s going," shared hipster_mcfly.

Some people felt, however, it was fair.

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"Honestly this seems very fair to me... [I don't know] weddings are expensive as hell and it’s an open bar beyond the $15 (which is enough for maybe two drinks where I live not including tips)," said oopsiesidk.

And, one person said it was a "great" idea.

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"Honestly this is a great deal. The last wedding I went to had free wine and beer (the selection was terrible) but if you wanted something that actually tasted good it was $10 per drink," commented GeekSugar13.