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Leaked Video Of Prince William Yelling At A Photographer Divides The Internet

It's rare that fans ever see a side of any Royal family member that isn't meticulously choreographed, and I don't mean that in a bad way. When you are part of the most notable monarchy in the world people expect a certain level of decorum.

In a recent viral video, however, fans are seeing Prince William like they never have before. To be fair, the only reason the future king of England got so upset was because his children were put into danger by a photographer who got a little too close for comfort.

Earlier this week, an explosive video was posted to a YouTube account belonging to photographer Terry Harris.

Before the footage, viewers of the now-deleted video were greeted with a lengthy introduction, which alleges that the video was shot in 2021, shortly after Prince William and his family were accused of breaking British lockdown rules.

It seems that the photographer and drone operator was eager to catch the royal family in controversial behavior again.

“Shockingly, between when the photo of their bike ride was taken and the police arriving, there was a gap of almost 30 minutes. Was the future king and his family unprotected?” Terry's introduction read.

The video, which is quickly disappearing off the internet, shows Prince William yelling at a photographer who the Duke of Cambridge claims was stalking him.

It seems William and Kate, along with their three youngests, were biking around the countryside near their Anmer Hall home when they spotted the photographer.

"You want to have this altercation you can have this altercation," William says to the camera. "I've just realized who it was and I've just stopped," the man replied.

"You didn't. You have been looking for us," William snapped back before making a phone call, seemingly to the police or his personal security.

Prince William proceeds to accuse the man of stalking his family and following them before asking for his name while on the phone.

"I'm having a quiet bike ride with my children on a Saturday," William says.

"You're outrageous. You're disgusting. You really are. How dare you behave like that."

The father of three is then seen on his phone again, saying: "Yeah I need you here, I've had an altercation with a photographer. He's filming me. I'm right next to him now."

"Thanks for ruining our day," he adds, before Terry responds: "I think I saw you, I moved into the tower", to which William replies: "You didn't, you knew exactly what you were doing. Thought you guys had learnt by now."

In response to the viral video, the Cambridge's have called it "a breach of the family’s privacy," as per the Telegraph.

Now that the video is circulated for long enough, it's clear people are falling into two very different camps.

The first one being that Terry was in the wrong to be following the future King of England and his children, and the other being that he was technically on public property and therefore wasn't doing anything wrong.

While the photographer may have been on public property, I don't think anyone blames Prince William for springing into action to protect his family.

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It's what any parent would do, especially if they had the family history that William does.