Prince William appearing disgruntled.
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Prince William Was Caught Swearing On Video At Wimbledon

Prince William, 40, was caught appearing to curse on camera at Wimbledon in a video that fans are loving.

Anyone who's even a casual sports fan knows that when things aren't going your way during a match, it's easy to let your frustrations get the better of you and to let a few choice words out here and there. It turns out that even royalty is not immune to this struggle, as a video going viral of Prince William has shone.

We love to see the royal family remind us that they're people just like us.

Like when young Prince Louis had a little bit of a temper issue while attending Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, going so far as to try to put his hand over his mom Kate Middleton's mouth while she was talking. While it might be a bit shocking to see royalty behave like that, it's a reminder that he's just a four-year-old and these things happen.

Another member of the royal family was also caught behaving a bit less than princely on camera at Wimbledon.

In this clip shared on Twitter, Prince William appears to tug at his tie and exclaim, "no, no, [expletive] it," in frustration as the camera cuts away from him. As a sports fan, I know that moment very well.

Fans of course were quick to react to the slip on Twitter.

For many fans, they loved to see it.

"It was the loosening of the tie as he said it," tweeted one fan joyfully.

"I love Prince William so much. Any tennis fan would understand his reaction," added another.

Other fans were less pleased.

"He was about to say "for goodness sake" when the camera cut away," tweeted one fan in suggestion, while another commented, "There's no good reason to curse."

What do you think? Are you on board for a royal swear every now and then? Let us know in the comments!