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The Rock Helps Open Door For An Elderly Woman (Who Has No Idea Who He Is)

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, 50, has proven chivalry isn't dead in a sweet video where he assists an elderly woman into her car.

There are some celebrities it's just hard to hate. Whether it's Keanu Reeves being a gentleman as always, Tom Hanks being his charming self, or Martha Stewart keeping it real, some celebrities are just born to be loved. The Rock is definitely one of those, and a recent Instagram post is proving exactly why.

There are a lot of reasons to love The Rock.

Whether you're a fan of his movies like Jungle Cruise, Rampage, Baywatch, or San Andreas; or you're a wrestling fan; or maybe you're secretly hoping to vote for him for President one day, there's always going to be something about him to love.

Of course, that also includes the fact that he is always a gentleman.

He proved that once again in a new video shared to his Instagram page.

In the video, The Rock is seen walking up to an elderly woman getting into her car. “Let me, may I open the door for you?” he asks her, to which she responds, "Thank you, that'll be a big help."

The best part was what The Rock revealed in the Instagram caption.

It turns out that she didn't even know who he was.

The Rock rolling his eyes exaggeratedly.
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"Chivalry lives," he captioned the post. "As they drove away she asked me what my name was and I said Bruno Mars," he added with some laughing emojis, referring to the fellow Hawaiian-born musician (who is notably shorter than The Rock at 5'5).

"Always good to come back home," he finished the caption.

You can watch the sweet video right here for yourself.

It's always great to see celebrities remain gentlemanly and humble even when they're as famous as The Rock is — and we're sure this woman will be a Bruno Mars fan for life (as long as she never Googles a picture of him!)