Car parked outside house
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Neighbor Left Rude Note Telling Homeowner Not To Park Outside Their Own House

You've heard about secondhand embarrassment, but what about secondhand anger?

Some TikTokers were left fuming on behalf of a woman who says she received a rude note on her car. The note, left by one of her neighbors, asked her to not to park outside of — get this — her OWN house.

Naturally, the internet had some thoughts, which quickly started a heated debate.

Parking has long been a vessel of entertainment for the internet.

Woman mad at a man's parking
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With so many parking infractions, fights being started in parking lots, and people leaving behind rude notes, many videos have been shared. Like when a woman got into an argument with a man over his parking.

In the viral video, which has been viewed millions of times, the woman was quickly branded a "Karen."

Parked cars
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Despite showing the man's car being parked perfectly, she argued that he parked too close. This meant that her daughter apparently couldn't get into the car.

"When you open that door, you hit my own car," the lady yelled.

Woman upset about parking
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Another lady joined in, siding with the woman. They pointed out how his tire was too close, when it was actually the woman's tire that was over the line.

Viewers on TikTok were frustrated for him.

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"WTH IS WRONG WITH THIS will never stop these Karens. So sad to see this!" one wrote. "Ma’am your car is the one that is basically sitting on the white line," another added.

They were also upset with how the "Karens" banded together.

"Birds of a feather flock together. he was parked perfectly smh," a woman commented. Another pointed out the irony of the women moving around just fine: "Doesn’t have room to get in but has room to stand between the cars and video nothing."

This next parking-themed video really got users heated up.

Note about parking
TikTok | mummy_gascoigne

Charlotte Gascoigne, who posts under the account @mummy_gascoigne, took to the app to share a video of a note she received on her car one day. It read: "Hi, please can you not park up here as parking is for houses up here."

But Charlotte lives in the houses, as she explained in the video.

Note about parking
TikTok | mummy_gascoigne

"So I've just come to my car and seen this note, so yeah when I got home and there's absolutely no parking on all of my street," she said.

"Literally at the side of my house there's another four houses and eight parking spaces."

Car parking dangerously
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"It isn't private and it's literally for everyone who lives on this street — not for just the four houses, hence the eight parking spaces," she continued.

She wrote a polite note back that read, "Hi I live at X and sorry but when there's no spaces on the street I have no choice."

Woman's reply back
TikTok | mummy_gascoigne

The note continued: "Plus there's eight spaces and four houses, so plenty of space for us all."

The TikToker ended her video by saying, "A little bit rude that because they could park outside my house and I wouldn't say 'Oh, this is just for guys.'"

Jimmy Fallon saying it's rude
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"The parking is free for all. You could probably live in Torquay and come and park here if you wanted to."

She wasn't alone in her thoughts, as viewers shared in her frustrations.

"You all pay Road tax. You can park wherever you like!!" wrote one. "Oh my god, why are people like this? You did so well to be so polite, I’d have been raging," another added.

Some, however, did argue that the person who wrote the note was being polite.

For more of the heated discussion, check out the comments here.