Denise Austin cheering and smiling at the camera.
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Fitness Icon Denise Austin, Age 65, Rocks Bikini Alongside Her Daughter

Denise Austin is wowing fans with her incredible physique at the age of 65.

They just don't make workout videos like they used to! Whether it's Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons, there's nothing like popping in a workout tape and getting physical. Denise Austin is one of the most iconic workout video creators, and at 65, she's proving that her methods definitely work.

If you didn't know, Denise Austin is a fitness instructor, author, and former member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Denise is known for encouraging more natural fitness journeys, only exercising for half an hour a day and not cutting out meals or carbs. And it works for her — even though she's 65 years old, she could be mistaken for a sister to her 29-year-old daughter Katie Austin, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Denise just proved that by walking the runway with her daughter in bikinis.

"A ONCE IN A LIFETIME MOMENT!!" she captioned the video she shared to her Instagram. "With my daughter @katieaustin walking in the @si_swimsuit runway show!! Me at 65 in a bikini… with my little girl!!!!!! Pure joy!!"

"Thank you Sports Illustrated Swimsuit for having me!" she finished.

Fans were loving it, and shared their thoughts in the comments.

"You are such a role model and QUEEN @deniseaustin I love this so much. You just keep getting better and better and look at the exquisite family you have raised all the while building an empire! Bravo!" wrote one fan.

"Wait, she's HOW old?!" another asked incredulously.

"Wow!! You ladies look AH-MAZING! And major props to you Denise! absolutely love your outlook and attitude about healthy living and having fun. Never stop rocking that way of life," one fan wrote.

We couldn't agree more! Hopefully we can look half as good at Denise when we hit her age!