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Viewers Left In Tears After Sisters Share Heartwarming Moment With Parents

If you're in the mood for a good cry, we've got just the feel-good story for you.

Two sisters ended up pregnant at the same time (the dream!). But instead of telling their parents separately, they decided to deliver the news together in a viral video that has left the internet collectively sobbing.

They aren't the first sisters to share a bun in the oven.

Four sisters pregnant
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During the coronavirus pandemic, not two, three, but four sisters from Northern California ended up pregnant at the same time. Hey, you can't blame them. There wasn't much else to do.

These are sisters Caroline Toth and Amy Gossett and twins Haley Andrews and Katie DeAngelis.

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All of the girls were born 18 months apart, so they've been elated with the chance to raise their babies together. "I think Katie started the trend, and everyone followed suit shortly behind," Haley told People.

"We're all a little bit competitive, but really we all wanted to have this experience together as well."

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"And so, it was just one of those things where Katie got pregnant, and it's like, gosh, should we all just jump on board?" she continues. "And it worked out great that way."

It's unclear whether the sisters broke the news to their parents around or at the same time.

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If not, that's totally fine. This next story of two sisters being pregnant at the same time gave us our longest cry of the year.

In the viral clip, the sisters and their partners are outside with their parents.

Parents holding pregnancy tests
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The sisters ask the parents to close their eyes so they can each place a pregnancy test in their hands. Then, they asked them to open their eyes,.

Much to their excitement and surprise, they discover that their daughters are pregnant at the same time.

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Not only that, but they're only five days apart! Naturally, the celebration was double the tears and excitement, with lots of hugs and cheering.

The dad even started running around the yard screaming, "I'm gonna be a granddad!"

Sisters hugging parents
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This man must be protected at all cost! Social media users were equally tickled with the news.

"This is so pure and so sweet. You can see how genuinely Happy both parents are. The grandma to-be face says it all," one wrote.

"This is just what I needed this morning. Moments like this are so very precious," another added.

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There was no point in trying not to cry, like one user pointed out. "This got me." Another added, "sobbing." Is someone cutting onions? sniffs

Since that sweet moment, the sisters have poked fun at their double pregnancy.

Pregnant sister
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"Basically how it went down," one of the sisters, Danielle, captioned another viral video on Instagram. In the clip, it showed her sister with a pregnant belly.

The text overhead read, "My sister wanting us to get pregnant at the same time so our kids can be best friends."

Danielle with pregnant belly
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It then showed Danielle considering her sister's offer before leaning back to show off her very pregnant belly.

Both sisters have since given birth.

Babies on couch
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Danielle recently shared a picture of the adorable babies sitting on the couch.

A sticker that read "family time" was overhead.

Sooo cute! I want that! *dials up sister to fill her in on master plan*