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Virgin River Season 4's Ending Was Almost Totally Different

Now that the majority of diehard Virgin River fans have finished watching Season 4's shocking finale, it's time to come together and discuss! It was a pivotal episode for the series that left viewers gobsmacked.

What's even more interesting is that the finale was originally intended to be completely different, according to the star of the series, Alexandra Breckenridge. Have a look below and discover how things might have been.

Before we discuss what might have been, let's recap all that went down (WARNING: spoilers ahead).

Jack proposing to Mel in 'Virgin River'.
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Love was in the air after Mel accepted Jack's heartfelt (and frankly long overdue) proposal. The show revealed that Jack, not Mark, is the father of Mel's unborn baby, and better yet — she's having a girl!

Later on, Jack receives a troubling phone call while out for dinner with Mel, JoEllen, Nick, and Melissa.

Jack on the phone with Mel in the background in 'Virgin River'.
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Charmaine is on the other end of the line and hysterically explains to Jack that she needs help. Jack and Mel quickly gather their things and prepare to head over to Char's.

Once there, she drops an absolute bombshell on them.

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Char tearily informs Jack and Mel that Todd has left her. But what's worse is that she's been lying to Jack this entire time. Brace yourselves: he's not the father of the twins!

As if that wasn't perplexing enough, Alexandra Breckenridge has confirmed that things could've gone completely differently.

Mel and Jack sitting in the woods together in 'Virgin River'.
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Alexandra recently sat down with Glamour to discuss the events from Season 4's finale and gave fans a glimpse at what the much anticipated fifth season has in store.

First, Alexandra confessed that Jack wasn't originally intended to be the father of Mel's baby.

Mel and Mark on a boat in 'Virgin River'.
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"So in all honesty, they had planned on Mel's baby being Mark's," Alexandra explained. "For a long time. And when the showrunner broke down what was going on, I was like, 'I think that's a horrible idea.'"

"I was totally honest. I said, 'I just don't agree with it.'"

Charmaine patting her belly in 'Virgin River'.
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Alexandra felt that to show Jack having a baby with Charmaine, and not with the woman whom he adores so deeply, would feel like a cruel prank to the audience.

However, the showrunners felt differently.

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The writers and producers felt that if they made Mark the father, it would allow for ample opportunities for growth and eventually acceptance on Jack's part. But despite this explanation, Alexandra persisted and stood her ground.

"I said, 'I understand that I am not the showrunner and I'm not a part of this creative process, even though I would very much like to be.'"

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Alexandra even went so far as to send e-mails directly to Netflix, voicing her displeasure with the direction the show was taking.

At the last minute, 'Virgin River''s showrunner came to Alexandra and explained that there'd been a change.

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Alexandra was told that Charmaine would be pregnant with someone else's babies, Mel is pregnant with Jack's baby — and that she's having a girl.

"And I was like, 'Thank you. Thank you very much. This is how it was supposed to be.'"

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The conversation then turned toward the topic of Season 5, which promises to be one of the best and most exciting runs of the series.

Alexandra has stated that Season 5 will pick up right where we left off.

Todd and Char standing beside one another in 'Virgin River'.
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She also confirmed that she does indeed know who the father of Charmaine's babies is, but don't expect her to comment on it any time soon.

As far as when the audience will discover who the twins' father is, Alexandra claims that she doesn't know.

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"I mean, you could tell Charmaine was very upset, very remorseful at the end of season four. I'm pretty sure that Jack is fairly pissed off. So we'll see where that leaves the three of them this year," Alexandra alluded.

When Alexandra was asked if Mel and Jack would be walking down the aisle in Season 5, she once again plead the fifth.

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"I don't know, but I'm sure she'll be doing some planning for the wedding at the very least. There's some crazy stuff in store in season five," she confirmed.

One thing that fans can expect to see is more diverse storylines moving forward.

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"In season five we're bringing some more LGBTQ+ stories into the show, which I think is absolutely wonderful," Alexandra exclaimed. "I've been fighting for diversity on the show since we started and I think we've been slowly moving toward a lot of that."

What's even better news is that filming has already begun on Season 5!

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Martin Henderson has confirmed that he's already completed filming two scenes for the new Season. “Season five's great, by the way," he told Glamour. "It's the best season yet. I'm amazing in it.”