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Women Are Sharing What Villain They Relate To

Most villains aren’t created evil, they’re made evil. That’s a big difference.

Their villain origin story could be that their precious wings were taken from them, like Maleficent in Maleficient. Or, they were manipulated by a toxic man, like Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

The point is that villains aren’t all bad. Some women can get relate to them, as evident by these 19 testimonies.

The Grinch from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'

The Grinch and the little girl
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Who wouldn't want to be alone with just their dog?! That sounds like paradise to us. The more you get older, the more you relate to crabby characters like Squidward from SpongeBob and The Grinch.

Walter White from 'Breaking Bad'

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"The desire to take back the power, admiration and respect, that you feel have been lost in a conventional lifestyle, before you die." -u/Arolibille. It begs the question: what would you do if you knew you were going to die?

Scar from 'The Lion King'

Scar in The Lion King
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Even though this character made us sob a lot as children, some women have come to understand his motives. He was always in the shadow of his brother until he learned to use his manipulativeness to get what he wanted.

Yzma from 'The Emperor's New Groove'

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"She’s not one of those villains that you can kind of understand/justify their motivations- she’s totally bad- but the older I get the more I love her sarcasm, dry wit and 'why me?!' attitude. Plus paired with Kronk just leads to pure humour!" - u/mslm90

Loki from 'Thor'

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Loki is a pretty good villain to be. I mean, you could cuddle up with Chris Hemsworth. In all seriousness, though, women believe that Loki was misunderstood. They, too, know what it's like to be the black sheep of the family, using humor to hide their pain.

Cersei Lannister from 'Game of Thrones'

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"She’s a very bitter person but at the same time, we can understand how she ended up that way. Not too much of a sob story good turned bad kind of thing but just very human kind of her environment contributed to the mess she is. Plus she isn’t 100% bad the same way most horrible people aren’t either." -u/InternationalAd6614

Squidward from 'SpongeBob Squarepants'

Squidward and SpongeBob in bed
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If we had an annoying neighbor and co-worker like SpongeBob, we'd be in a bad mood all of the time, too! It's understandable to be obnoxious when you're surrounded by idiots and all you want is some peace and quiet.

Maleficent from 'Maleficient'

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"She was misunderstood. Her heart was broken by a man, she actually had feelings and truly loved a child that wasn't even hers. Good intentions that others twisted into something evil." - u/Pale-Maintenance-760. Plus, her wings were stolen.

Joker from the 'Batman' films

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Which one, though? Jared Leto? Heath? Joaquin? Regardless, a woman wrote that it's tempting at times to let our temper get out of control. The Joker did that. He's free. Meanwhile, the rest of us just bottle up our anger.

Kylo Ren from 'Star Wars'

Kylo Ren
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"I relate to him because he was just a lonely kid that wanted his parents’ love, and then the only adult he trusted turned on him. He carried around a lot of anger, and resentment. He lashed out. But ultimately, he realized he couldn’t just isolate himself and be mad." - u/Minute-Tooth8659

Wanda from 'WandaVision'

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"I know how it feels to have everything align perfectly before it all slips out of your control, and want to get that back no matter what (and who can’t relate to a woman whose greatest villain is herself?)" - u/amouramie

Miranda in 'Mrs. Doubfire'

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While she wasn't the villain outright, her character did receive flack for trying to protect her kids from Robin William's character. She came off as the uptight, rude mom while Robin's character got to be the "cool" dad despite breaking rules.

Plankton in 'SpongeBob Squarepants'

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"He's always second best to a greedy crab, people stomp on him as he's small, and nothing ever goes right for him. And his plans being thwarted by a Sponge and a less than intelligent Starfish is mildly embarrassing. Poor Plankton." - u/thenoahdude

Skylar from 'Breaking Bad'

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Admit it: you were frustrated out of your mind over her character. Especially when she kicked Walter out for making meth or when she had an affair. But if you look at things from her perspective, as one woman noted, you'll see that Walter put her there.

Medusa from Greek mythology

Uma Thurman as Medusa
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"She was, according to some sources, turned into a woman with snake hair who turned men to stone as punishment. Her crime? Being raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple. So she was punished for being raped." - u/deleted

Warren from 'Legally Blonde'

Elle and Warren at table
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As much as women love Elle Woods, it's hard not to see that Warren was mistreated. by fans. He was made to be the villain for wanting to be serious about his career and marrying a woman who had similar interests and goals.

Draco from 'Harry Potter'

Draco looking in mirror
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"Poor boy is raised in a family of bigots who indulged him and set a path for him from birth. It's unfair to compare him to Harry, who was also raised by bigots, but is nothing like them." - u/deleted

Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid'

Ursula dancing
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We feared her as kids. But as adults? We understand her. One woman put it this way: "Say what you will that woman never lied about anything and Ariel was so dumb I honestly can barely feel bad for her."

Harley Quinn from 'Suicide Squad'

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"I feel like she’s the most realistic character. Especially with the twisted relationship with Joker. It’s a great example of why some people in those situations never leave." - u/Mum_of_rebels. A lot of women can relate to this toxic manipulation.

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