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Our Favorite Celebs Are Now Silver Foxes And They're Stunning

Time ain't got nothing on celebs!

Whether it's genes, plastic surgery, or a mixture of both, celebs tend to age like a fine wine instead of spoiled milk.

Wrinkles give them an air of wisdom and gray hair only enhances their already good looks. This has helped take the men of Hollywood from total foxes to silver foxes.

Idris Elba

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One of the best things to happen over these past few years is the actor's beard slowly becoming salt and pepper. This distinguished silver fox look of his suits him well. No wonder he won the title of People's Sexiest Man Alive.

Steve Carrell

Steve Carrell with a paper head
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When most of us were first introduced to Steve Carrell, he played the goofy-but-lovable boss on The Office. Even though he was absolutely hilarious, no one really had a shirtless poster of Steve or Michael on their wall.

That all changed, though, when he debuted this look:

He went from the boss to the boss. He looks so much better with silver hair. He even had the cutest response to the internet calling him hotter than George Clooney. "I'm busting with pride," he said.

Patrick Dempsey

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The Grey's Anatomy actor could have purple hair and we'd still find him to be McDreamy! Seriously, we're going to need a doctor, stat, to revive our heart after it skipped several beats while looking at his gorgeous face.

Javier Bardem

Let's be honest: any hairstyle he has is a step up from the one he had in No Country For Old Men. That was just bad, so we'll take this new silver fox look of his any day. Penelope Cruz is quite the lucky lady!

Anderson Cooper

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The CNN news anchor was only in his 30s when he embraced his gray strands. It's become a signature look for him now, one that he actually doesn't quite like. “I don’t really like my gray hair. I wish I still had brown hair. It’s not my thing,” Cooper said on Live! With Kelly in 2016.

George Clooney

George Clooney smiling
Giphy | The Academy Awards

The accomplished actor has been a silver fox for as long as we can remember. The term was practically coined for him, as he grew out his dark hair at a young age and let the salt and pepper roll in.

Pierce Brosnan

Sexy and sophisticated. Those are two words to describe how the James Bond actor looks in his all-black outfit with his gray hair and matching beard. It's making us think that the next James Bond definitely needs to be a silver fox.

Don Cheadle

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While the Marvel actor's beard has transitioned to salt and pepper, he's still got that adorable boyish smile. Marvel fans will be happy to know that he'll be on our screens soon with his Armor Wars series and a return to Secret Invasion.

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo winking
Giphy | The Academy Awards

Green isn't his color. Silver is! The actor behind the Hulk looks incredibly easy on the eyes now that he's let the gray grow out. It gives him a sex appeal that he didn't quite have when his hair was long and brown.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan selfie
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When you think of an actor with gray hair in the beard, Morgan probably comes to mind.

He's made it a thing, after all, around the time he appeared on The Walking Dead. It made him look all that more powerful as Negan.