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Candace Cameron Bure Shares Emotional Post After JoJo Siwa Called Her The 'Rudest' Celeb

If I told you last week that Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure and Dance Moms alum JoJo Siwa would be passive-aggressively bickering online, you would have never believed me. To be fair, I would have hardly believed myself!

These two come from two very different worlds, and decades, so it would have never crossed my mind that they met, let alone that they interacted enough for JoJo to call Candace rude, but alas, here we are!

Recently, "Dance Moms" alum and current "So You Think You Can Dance" judge JoJo Siwa made headlines after calling out Candace Cameron Bure for being the "rudest" celeb she's ever met.

On TikTok, the teen was taking part in a viral trend in which people flash their phones to the camera quickly while answering questions.

At first glance, it's hard to see who the dancer showed, but after pausing the video, her screen clearly shows a shot of Ms. Bure.

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As fans may recall, the pair made a joint appearance on The Kelly Clarkson show together back in 2019.

In that same video, JoJo went on to reveal that Miley Cyrus was the "nicest" star she’s encountered and briefly flashed a photo of actress and singer Zendaya when asked who her celebrity crush is.

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The 19-year-old captioned the video "Pool day = exposed hahahha."

In a clip posted on YouTube from the "Kelly Clarkson" show episode with both JoJo and Candace, the "Fuller House" actress gives various gifts to JoJo, Kelly, and Jason Aldean in an effort to bring "Christmas cheer."

Of course, it's hard to tell what happened before, or after, this segment, which was shot in front of a live studio audience.

Now, it seems Candace is subtly responding to the shade by posting a quote from the Bible on her Instagram story.

As fans of the Hallmark star know, the 46-year-old is very outspoken about her Christian faith on social media, and everywhere else, really.

On Monday, Candace posted a Bible quote on her Instagram Stories a quote that read, "Trust The Lord always" while citing the Bible verse as Isaiah 26:4.

The verse in full reads: “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.”

Since JoJo's TikTok went viral, fans have been taking to social media to give their two cents on the situation.

"Imagine how mean Candace Cameron Bure must be because Jojo Siwa literally grew up knowing Abby Lee Miller and still said Candace is worse," tweeted one user.

"Just wanna remind y'all that Candace Cameron is Kirk Cameron's younger sister and Jojo Siwa is a lesbian. This is not surprising," said another.

While neither one of them has addressed the controversy directly, it's safe to say everyone has already made up their minds about who is right in this situation.