A nursing mother dog and her pups, rescued from a home with hazardous conditions.
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Humane Society Rescues 80 Dogs From Ohio Home, Its Biggest Rescue Ever

As heartbreaking as it is, humane societies in counties all over rescue pets from horrible conditions. But thankfully, their actions give these pets a chance at a better life.

The Licking County Humane Society in Ohio recently performed a rescue on a home that contained 80 dogs, which is the largest rescue in the shelter's history.

On Friday, July 22, the shelter rescued dogs from a condemned house.

Elycia Taylor, the program and communications director at the Licking County Humane Society, said that they first became aware of the situation in the house after a probation officer arrived to respond to an ankle monitor that had been removed, People reported.

"They immediately called our local dog warden after seeing the amount of dogs and the conditions they were living in," said Taylor.

"Because it was a case of neglect, our county dog warden turned to us."

They first believed there were only around 30 dogs living in the home.

A group of dogs sitting on a log.
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In most cases, 30 dogs would be an astronomical find. But the humane society spent hours counting and rescuing dogs, leading them to find 50. Later, that number ended up becoming 80.

According to Taylor, they weren't expecting the rescue to take this long.

"What we believed would be about an hour or so long confiscation of around 30 dogs turned into five hours of us searching throughout the house to find 80 dogs and puppies in all areas of the home," she said.

In addition to the dogs on the property, there was also a person living in the house.

Three small dogs sitting on a road.
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"Obviously, with that many dogs in a house had horrible, you know, sanitary issues," Lori Carlson, the Licking County Humane Society's executive director, told the Newark Advocate.

Many of the dogs required medical attention.

The Licking County Humane Society Facebook page posted an update late last Friday, stating that a large number of the dogs are in poor shape.

"Many of these dogs are in need of medical treatment (one even came to us with a plastic o-ring around its neck) and are not yet available for adoption," the post reads.

This was in addition to other issues that arose from neglect.

A mother dog and her puppies resting in a shelter at the Licking County Humane Society.
People | Licking County Humane Society

According to Carlson, many of the dogs had other serious health issues, such as severe skin infections, dental disease, and eye issues. While they will be up for adoption eventually, it may take some time to nurse these dogs back to health.

The dogs ranged from puppies to grown adults.

A group of 7 dogs that had been given a flea bath at the Licking County Humane Society.
Facebook | Licking County Humane Society

In addition, all of the dogs had fleas and have been treated for them. Some dogs were nursing puppies at the time of the rescue, and they have since been placed with foster homes.

The shelter is doing everything it can to help these dogs.

They will provide food, water, shelter, medical care, vaccinations, and spay/neutering procedures for each of the dogs, with the hope that they can get them adopted out in the future.

However, the humane society is beyond capacity at the moment.

The Licking County Humane Society also rescued over 50 cats last week, according to the Newark Advocate. They have been reaching out to local shelters to find places for the rescued pets.

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