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11-Year-Old Zimbabwean Schoolgirl Wrestles Crocodile To Save Her Friend

If you ever found yourself in a situation where you're suddenly facing off against a crocodile, I'm sure your first reaction would be to run as fast as you could as far as you could, all the while praying that croc wasn't feeling too keen on following you.

But what happens if it's got someone you love dearly trapped in its jaws? Would you still run or would you try to somehow fight that massive, deadly reptile off?

I feel like most of us would experience at least a brief moment of hesitation as we struggled to decide what to do. But one little girl didn't hesitate at all and flew into action the moment she realized her friend was in danger.

11-year-old Rebecca Munkombwe from Zimbabwe has been hailed a hero for bravely rescuing her friend from a crocodile.

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According to The Sunday Times, the young schoolgirl was recently walking home after spending the afternoon swimming in a stream with some classmates when she heard the screams of her 9-year-old friend, Latoya Muwani.

"We had just left the water when we heard Latoya who was left alone swimming near the neck deep zone screaming that something was biting her hand," Rebecca explained. "Since I was the eldest among the other seven children, I felt the urge to save her."

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The youngster wasted no time after witnessing her friend being pulled underwater by the giant croc.

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Plunging into the water, Rebecca mounted the reptile and wrestled with it, beating its head and even going so far as to gouge its eyes with her fingers until it eventually loosened its grip on Latoya.

"Once she was free, I swam with her to the banks where the other children pulled her out of the water," Rebecca said. "The crocodile fortunately did not attack us after it let off Latoya."

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Latoya luckily escaped with only minor injuries to her hand and thigh where the croc had bitten her.

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Her father, Fortune Muwani, said he was grateful to Rebecca for saving his daughter.

"I was at work when I learnt that my daughter had been attacked by a crocodile while swimming," he said. "For a moment there I thought of the worst before I learnt that she had survived after being saved by Rebecca. How she managed to do that I don't know but am grateful to God."

He also reported that his daughter is recovering well in hospital and is expected to be discharged soon.

h/t: The Sunday Times

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