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Mom Warns Others Online After She Got Her Daughter's Birth Mark Removed

When it comes to our children, it's important to always be informed and educated when it comes to their overall health. Sometimes, we may think things are harmless and innocent, but the more we look into things, the more it may open our eyes that we should pay attention to every little thing—even the things that seem like they are normal and okay.

Many babies are born with birthmarks that seem innocent.

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Birthmarks are skin abnormalities that usually are present from the very beginning of a child's life. Most children with birthmarks are those, marks that are present on babies from the day of their birth.

There are two different types of birthmarks.

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One type of birthmark is known as a vascular birthmark, which is made up of blood vessels that have not been properly formed. These birthmarks are usually red. Then, there are pigmented birthmarks, which are pigmented cells that leave a color block on the skin.

Researchers say they are not sure what causes birthmarks.

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Not many people, or doctors, are sure what causes birthmarks. Some believe they are genetic while others feel they can happen at chance or random. Most of the time, birthmarks are not dangerous and do not require treatment. However, some of them can.

Recently, one mom shared a warning to parents about birthmarks after her daughter's journey.

Helen Briggs, known for appearing on the show Ex on the Beach, opened up on Instagram about her daughter's birthmark and the journey that she went through.

At first, she said her daughter Ocean's birthmark never really bothered her.

On Instagram, the mom shared, "just wanted to pop on here & explain a little what Ocean had done at @greatormondst in London. Ocean was born with a birthmark on her chest which never bothered her or us."

However, it had changed a lot over the years.

"Over the past 6 months a black dot appeared which grew bigger & darker along with her birthmark (it’s really changed shape since she was born)," she continued on the Instagram post.

Briggs decided to have it looked at by a doctor.

"I took her to the doctors about it who we’re a little unsure what it was, so they advised us to get it removed & have a biopsy on it so here we are today in London visiting for 2 days," the mom continued.

She advised parents that her daughter is doing well, but to always be on the lookout.

"She was so brave & is recovering so well. From going to the doctors to having it removed all happened within 1 month. I just wanted to make parents aware if you ever have doubts please please go see a doctor and get some advice," she said.

They're still waiting on the biopsy results, but she thanked the doctors who helped her.

"Ocean is absolutely fine & still her cheeky happy self. I just wanted to thank all the nurses and doctors at Great Ormond Street, they were absolutely wonderful, so kind & helpful I trusted them with my daughter & they didn’t disappoint so thank you," she wrote on the post.

Many people online shared how happy they were to see Ocean doing so well.

"Awww such a lovely video. Ocean will remember having both you and Chet by her side with her. I had many ear operations throughout my childhood and I always remember having both of my parents there with me every time," one Instagram user wrote.

Others said she looked like she "did a great job" with her operation.

"She looked it she dealt with it all really well...I'm guessing more than mum n dad did ....hope it all comes back clear and she carries on being the crazy fun hilarious sassy little lady she is that we get to watch on stories," shared another.