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Women Reveal The Features They Wish They Could Add To Their Clothing

I don't know about you, but, as a female, I sometimes have issues with women's clothing. For example, why are all high heels so uncomfortable, huh? Whoever came up with that needs some serious talking to, ha, ha. And what about pantyhose? I can't stand those. Oh, boy, I could go on and on.

So when I stumbled upon this Reddit thread that asked, "What is something you want in women's clothing that doesn't exist or rarely does?" I was really interested to hear what other women thought. Let's check it out.

Pockets On The Inside

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"My boyfriend always has inside pockets on his jacket and that seems really fun to me, my jackets never have fun pockets."

Oh, yes. So many times, I've had to give my fiancé something to put in his pocket because my jacket has none.

Buttons On The Waist

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"Multiple buttons across the waist so you can change the fit around the waist."

"Wow, dude that's ACTUALLY a genius idea, adding to that if the button is attached to an elastic will that be a great idea?"

I love both of those suggestions.

Full Sleeves

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"Cute T-shirts with actual sleeves instead of the almost cap sleeve thing. Who decided that women didn’t need a full sleeve (like almost to the elbow) on t-shirts?"

Okay, I actually like cap sleeves, ha, ha. How about you?

Regular Length Size

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"Fitted T-shirts that cover half the ass. Not all of us want semi-crop tees."

I have to agree with that. I stopped wearing cropped tops a long time ago, and now I find it hard to get tops that don't ride up.

No More Polyester And Plastic

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"Less polyester and plastic. I feel like especially women's clothing is made out of so much crap material, or if it's made of wool or cotton, the lining is polyester. What the hell?! The most important part, the one that comes into contact with the skin, is freaking plastic. And online, a lot of times they don't mention the exact composition..."

I second that and I find it so irritating.

Cute Bras For All Sizes

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"Cute bras that fit bigger [boobs]."

"And cute bras that fit we itty bitty [boobs]. I need an AA cup. Apparently, we don’t deserve cute bras either. I have to order from a special company, and they are all just plain beige and black."

The struggle is real. Am I right, ladies?

Chest Fitting Dresses

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"Backless and strapless tops and dresses where the cups actually hold in the bigger-chested girls would be great. I want to wear those cute things as well."

I have the opposite issue. A lot of fitted dresses have too much room in the boobs. Please make sizes for all of us. Thank you.

Proper Jean Sizing

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"Men’s jean sizes. Why in god's name do women’s jeans not have an inseam size chart? At this point, clothing brands should be aware not every woman is 5’4"."

Amen to that. I'm always surprised when I shop for my fiancé and wish women's clothing had that, too.

Knee-High Boots That Fit The Calves

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"Knee-high boots that actually fit around my calves. I played a lot of volleyball and my calves are just bigger. I always wear low shoes because I can never find ones that fit around my calves."

I have the same problem. I call my calves "Madonna calves," ha, ha, and I have a hard time finding boots that fit me right.

Well-Fitting Petite Clothes

"Petite clothes that are actually made for petite people. Half the time, the models on the website are 5’6”, which is definitely not petite! Also, petite clothes for curvy women as well."

I'm 5'3 so I'm on the cusp of petite and I can tell you it's really a challenge to find clothes that fit me properly.

Bras That Fit Different Boob Sizes

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"Honestly? Bras that have different sized cups for each breast. Not all women have the same size on each side and it’s so difficult to fit them right. I have seen some options online, but they are hard to fit right with an online guide."

Oh, wouldn't that be nice?

Bathing Suits With Removable Cups

woman in a whilte one piece bathing suit
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"Bathing suits that DON’T have those [expletive] built-in foam cups that aren’t removable."

I'm so glad that I recently found a few swimming suits with removable cups so I can put my own size cups. It's a game-changer.

Equal Price For Same Clothing

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"Quality basic tees the same price as men's tees. For a while, I was just buying men's shirts because the equivalent style for women was quadruple the price."

Why is everything catered to women priced so much higher? It's so unfair. Am I right?

Various Dress Length Size Options

woman wearing a long red dress and black high heels
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"Long dresses that have different lengths. I’m 5’2 and every time I see a pretty long summer dress they’re all the same length; an entire rack of dresses in different sizes but for some reason the same length in all of them?? Longer than I am tall."

I hear you loud and clear, sister. I have the same issue with long dresses, too.

Shirts With Inside Buttons

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"Shirts should have extra (inside/invisible) buttons around the chest to avoid any gaps."

They do that with men's shirts, no? So why not with women, especially since we have to accommodate boobs? It makes no sense at all.

Non-Sheer Leggings

woman wearing black leggings carrying a white water bottle
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"Black leggings that are thick, high quality, and NOT SHEER. Why do they make leggings sheer? I don’t know."

I really don't get that either. It's a challenge to find, huh? I think even Lululemon got in trouble for that a while ago, no?

Proper Torso Sizing

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"A sizing system that takes into account the length of the torso. Some women have a super long torso and some women have a super short one, resulting in a completely different fit of the dress, even if they are the same size."

I couldn't agree more.

Standard Sizing

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"If all the stores could agree on sizing, that would be helpful."

Oh, I wholeheartedly agree with that. It's so annoying that every store has different sizes that fit you differently, no? I find that irritating to no end. Let's fix this issue, please and thank you.

What do you think about all of these suggestions?

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I love them. And to throw another thing into the mix, I would make women's clothing have pockets in every item. For example, we need more dresses with pockets and no more those fake pants pockets, please. Ugh! I can't stand those. Let's hope somebody finally listens and makes these changes ASAP. We, ladies, need it.