Martha standing in front of a Jeep with boxes of fruit in its trunk, she's in a pink sweater and light brown sunhat, holding an orange.
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Martha Stewart Shares Beautiful Birthday Selfie To Celebrate Turning 81

World-famous home life personality Martha Stewart just celebrated her 81st birthday, but boy, she doesn't look it!

She posted a selfie to her Instagram account before heading to her birthday dinner, a selfie that stunned fans everywhere as she doesn't look even remotely close to her age. Not only that, but she's looking beautiful in general, and her comments were more than happy to tell her that!

Martha Stewart celebrated her birthday yesterday!

The lifestyle mogul and design mogul turned 81 yesterday, and there's no denying that she looks absolutely incredible for her age!

Of course, she's posted some pretty age-defying pics on her Instagram before, but this one ushers in a new year for her.

It's real close and personal!

The photo, seen above, has her laying down and holding her phone high above her face, snapping a pic of her classic pursed lips expression.

The caption reads, "Birthday selfie [prior] to big bday dinner -we had a delicious lunch and just a bit too much [Martha's chard]," which refers to her wine label, 19 Crimes Martha Stewart Chardonnay.

Of course, fans were delighted to see her.

"You don’t age Martha!! Have a wonderful birthday!" read one comment, echoing all of our thoughts when they noted she doesn't seem to age.

Another comment pointing out her looks said, "Beautiful! Happy Birthday!! We all need your beauty secrets! You look AMAZING."

Finally, a rather sweet comment read, "[..] I hope you continue to have a fabulous birthday! You deserve the best! Thank you for being such a great role model!"

This is another entry in the long line of iconic Stewart selfies.

Let's not forget the way she shook the internet with her 'thirst trap' pool selfie from 2020, one people still love to this day.

We hope she had an excellent birthday and continues to live in good health!

h/t: ET