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'Taxi' Star Marilu Henner Says Key To Great Sex At 70 Is 'Vision' And 'Heat'

It's never too late to find the key to great sex — just ask Marilu Henner.

The Taxi star recently dished all things naughty in an interview with People, while promoting her new book, Grease, Tell Me More, Tell Me More.

Now in her third marriage, she shared that her previous relationships have helped her unlock the two keys to great sex at 70.

Marilu isn't the only older celeb in Hollywood to share intimate details about her sex life.

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Suzanne Somers of Three's Company fame loves to share her secrets to marital bliss. She's been married to Alan Hamel for over 45 years.

In a 2019 interview with the 'Daily Mail,' she revealed that the many hormones they take keep them frisky two times per day.

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This, in particular, was the result of weekly shots of PT-141, a melanocortin-based peptide that generates sexual arousal.

"I’m kind of in that groove, like when you were younger and you’re in the mood all the time, and so is he because he’s on hormone replacements.”

Do you, Suzanne! That number has even increased to three times recently.

In 2021, she got candid about the intimate details of their sex life on Heather Dubrow's podcast.

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That's where she revealed that she, 75, and Alan, 86, have sex three times a day. "At this stage of life, most people think that's over the hill," she said.

"What time is it, noon? I had sex with him three times so far today," Suzanne said.

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She went there in admitting that Alan is usually rearing to go first thing in the morning. "What is this thing about 4:30 in the morning that's suddenly like, 'Oh there he is.' I'm like, 'Could you just wait 'til the sun comes up?

Marilu Henner also knows how to keep the spark alive in her marriage.

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In an interview with People, she shared what she's learned about the bedroom throughout her three marriages, including the current one she has with publisher Michael Brown.

"There's a line in The Little Prince where Antione de Saint-Exupéry wrote that love isn't gazing into each other's eyes, it's 'looking outward together in the same direction,'" Henner said to the publication.

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"I added: 'with their hands on each other's you-know-what.'"

Her previous husbands were Frederic Forrest and Robert Lieberman.

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She explained that she hit the jackpot with Brown being the perfect combination of heat and vision. "With my third, Mr. Vision and Heat showed up. And that made all the difference," she explained.

"My husband and I are hot for each other," she continued.

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"Even when I'm mad at him, I still think he's sexy. We always joke we can still have our five-show weekends." If this is life at 70, then aging doesn't seem so bad.

The 'Taxi' star also reminisced about her previous relationships, which includes the one with John Travolta.

They met while starring in the original Broadway production of Grease. "Johnny [Travolta] and I connected instantly," she said. "We met when we were both in Grease and dated on and off for about 13 years."

Another firey romance was the one with Tony Danza.

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"Tony [Danza] and I had a hot little thing right away. I knew the first day we met something was going to happen."

But after hearing about her and Brown's intimacy, it appears that these other relationships don't hold a candlestick to it.

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