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Trump Was Either Booed Or Cheered At A UFC Fight — It All Depends On Who You Ask

On Saturday night, President Trump made an appearance at a UFC fight in New York City where the crowd had a super loud reaction to his arrival. But whether that reaction was primarily negative or positive is apparently a matter of perspective because people just can't seem to agree on which it was.

Initial reports claimed the POTUS was booed as he entered the stadium, but some people, most notably his own sons, insist this is "fake news" and say he was actually met with supportive cheers from the crowd of mixed martial arts fans.

Just a few days ago, President Donald Trump received a chorus of boos and chants of "Lock him up" at a Washington Nationals World Series game.

He had stood to show his support for the marines in the crowd when the stadium camera suddenly cut to him, broadcasting his face on the jumbotron for all to see.

According to some reports, the subsequent boos reached as much as 100 decibels.

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On Saturday night, it appeared to happen again as Trump arrived at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

He entered the stadium to the song “Back in Black” by AC/DC and took a seat with his sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Amateur footage from the event have been posted all over the internet as proof of his poor reception. If nothing else, those videos certainly prove he was met with a mixed response from the crowd, as some cheered him on while others chose to show their displeasure and boo him instead.

But no one can agree on what the primary reaction was.

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Trump himself appears to have been pleased with the crowd's response and tweeted that the stadium was full of "MAGA" supporters.

On this morning's edition of Fox & Friends, the hosts agreed that the response was positive and said that anyone who claims otherwise is just being juvenile.

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Trump's sons were quick to also take to their own Twitter accounts and inform people that their father was met with uproarious cheers, not boos.

In response to a BBC tweet citing boos at the fight, Donald Jr. wrote that the response was actually "overwhelmingly positive" and accused the publication of being nonobjective "leftist hacks".

His brother, Eric, joined in and tweeted "The audience was chanting 'Donald Trump, Donald Trump' followed by 'USA USA.'"

My advice? Just watch a few videos of Trump's entrance online and decide for yourself what the overall reaction was. For now, let's all just agree it was mixed.

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