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The Zodiac Pregnancy Trend Is More Common Than I Thought

Many people believe in astrology very truly and deeply. They follow their star signs, sun signs, and all of their houses to know what their personality is truly like. They also believe that the placement of the stars, certain planets in retrograde, and the moon have a toll on who we are and the events that might be happening to us.

For many, astrology is a law. The universe is infinite and true, so the signs are also true.

When it comes to love and life, many people use astrology to lead them.

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Each astrological sign has its own pros and cons and because of this, many people live their life revolving around them. For example, they won't date a person who is a specific sign due to bad traits.

It just so happens that many people care about astrology when it comes to having kids, too.

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When thinking about having children, many people who believe in astrology feel as though they want to be sure that their child is a certain sign.

As it turns out, more people do it than one would originally think.

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Reddit user meckyborris asked others online if they had ever done family planning based on zodiac signs, because she was rather interested in doing so—but, her husband said she was definitely crazy for wanting to do so.

A lot of Reddit users said it's actually pretty normal.

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"I personally did not, but my parents did! Dad is a Gemini, mom is an Aquarius, and they planned me as a Gemini and I was born in the dead center of Gemini. I think it’s a great idea! My parents and I had an incredible relationship," shared kemms.

Some say it's no different than planning a baby around your career.

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"I would certainly try; I don't see why not. I've known teachers who try to plan their births for certain months, so their maternity ends when summer vacation starts. Or others who want a child born in a specific month, season, etc.

Just like I would only consider an earth or water sign for a partner, the same would go for my kids," shared kahtiel.

One person mentioned things happen during pregnancy, too.

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"It's important to keep in mind that things can happen during pregnancies. Babies can be born a few months prematurely which can change the intended zodiac sun sign. Also, all other aspects of the natal chart will not be very possible to control. So it can be worth a shot if you want that sun sign, but do not rely on it 100%," commented froudledoodle.

However, some Reddit users said that they wouldn't.

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"I personally would not. It would be a little cruel to try to control what sign your child is born under, and have it be born as something else. From birth, the baby is not 100% what you wanted," said another Reddit user.

While not everyone would do it, some just don't want to actually admit they would.

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Although they don't want to admit it on social media, studies actually show that 1 in 5 parents would plan their pregnancy and conception around the astrological calendar.

A recent study showcased Millennials are the most likely to conceive based on zodiac signs.

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The survey results, which polled around 2,000 U.S. residents, showcased that 31% of parents would definitely take their child's zodiac sign into consideration when trying to conceive.

Gen Z also seemed to take zodiac signs into consideration, as well.

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Results indicated that 25% of Gen Z parents would take their child's zodiac sign into consideration when planning to get pregnant, however, only 5% of Baby Boomers seem to really care.

The true reason lies in astrological relationships.

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As anyone who knows about astrology knows, some signs are more compatible with each other than others. For example, air signs blend better with air signs, as fire signs blend better with fire signs.

Some parents want to stick to what is easy.

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Parenting a child who has the same sign or even the same rising moon as you, can be a surefire way to have smooth sailing in the relationship between parent and child.

But, some may want to spice things up.

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Other parents may want to try to parent and have a different type of sign in the house. For example, if a parent is an air sign, they may find it super exciting to parent a fire sign child and get to know that level of astrology.

So many people are interested in it, they have even come up with ways to predict things.

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As many parents become more interested in planning pregnancy around zodiac signs and the astrological calendar, things are out there to help them. Such as this calculator which can tell you when to begin trying.

It seems some people just want to ensure things go "smoothly."

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While not everyone wants to totally control the outcome of their kid's zodiac sign, there are those who truly do want to ensure the family blends as well as possible. And, that means planning meticulously.