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Women Share The Weirdest Things They've Seen On Someone's Phone

Everyone has some stuff on their phone they definitely wish no one else would see. Sometimes, we keep things rather private and secretive on our phones, but when someone else sees it, we can't truly explain it.

Creeping on someone else's phone may seem rude, but there are a lot of things that can be discovered by going through someone's phone.

Evidence that they didn't want to see.

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Littlebirdddy shared that they found evidence of their dad cheating on their mom on his phone. That would be enough to break anyone's heart, especially as a child. Nothing like splitting up your family.

XXX videos.

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"Ungodly amounts of porn, mostly incest-style stuff. I know everyone is supposed to be okay with that stuff these days but it’s extremely disturbing to me," shared Reddit user DiBixof770.

That is super awkward and uncomfortable for anyone to find.

Apparently, it's a trend.

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"I found a disturbing about of porn on my ex's phone most of which was daddy/stepdaughter porn. I only looked at his phone because he accidentally left it in my car and freaked out about it. I would never have looked but his panic made me question what he was hiding and I was disgusted after looking," said oneeyefox.

Bad news all around.

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GreenMountain85 shared that they found intimate texts to another woman on her soon-to-be ex-husband's phone implying that he had just come from her house. The icing on the cake is the texts were sent the day before their wedding.

They just criminalize themselves at this point.

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Beachbabe8000 shared that her 39-year-old ex-husband was texting his 19-year-old "work friend" about how they had sex in their guest room, bathtub, and another place in their house. Apparently, they thought that "Jesus put them together."

Found out their ex was gay.

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"My ex sleeping with another man. Up until that point, I had no idea he was attracted to the same gender. Which, there’s not a problem with that at all, but I definitely have a problem when you’ve been in a long committed relationship," shared No_Ground_5462.

Guys can be gross sometimes.

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Astoriana_shared that on the train, they saw a finance guy with a group text called "pump and dump" in which other guys would share nude photos of girls that they had slept with to each other in the chat. Just...wrong.

Well, that's awkward.

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"She got up to go to the bathroom, and handed me her phone so she wouldn't text the affair partner. Her phone buzzed, and it was the AP telling her not to tell me anything because I'm a horrible gossip," said madameporcupine.

Come on, Dad, do better.

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J2A25 said her daughter came home with an old phone that used to belong to her father, so the Reddit user went through it and found a ton of dirty photos of the dad and his new wife on the phone.


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SpecialistGanache549 confessed that after being with her boyfriend for two years, she found out that he had Tinder on his phone. That is enough to make any girlfriend insanely upset and angry. Totally time to break up with him.

Divorce incoming.

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gloomymikasa said that she found texts on her dad's phone between him and his mistress, as well as photos of them on vacations together when he told his family he was at work doing overtime and double shifts.

Why do guys share that stuff?

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"This guy was showing his friends a video he took of the girl they were with. She was naked, didn't know he was recording and looked young. I saw it when I was sitting next to them at a bar," said PopK0rnAndMMs.

Bad friends.

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Proper-Salamander790 said in college a friend handed her their phone to hold and while she had it, a text popped up from another friend saying, "why do you hang out with her? she's such a [expletive]." Clearly, that's a bad friend.

Take it to the grave.

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"My mom's text between her and another man. I never told my dad. He died not knowing what I read. I never told my mom what I saw either. I started looking at her different after that," shared Eliza5616.

That's heartbreaking.

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"My cousin died unexpectedly a few years ago, he had struggled with addiction but has been clean for a long time, cleaned up, got a job, and was doing well, so we didn’t immediately think he had OD’d, we found his phone and it was password protected, just as a gas I tried 6969 and it unlocked and there was a message open, he was asking his dealer for heroin," said Sad-And-Mad.