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Influencer Who Divorced Hubby To Marry Stepson Says She's Pregnant

Every family has a little drama. Granted, it's usually something along the lines of two uncles who aren't on speaking terms, or the mystery of grandma's missing gravy boat.

For Marina Balmasheva, a 37-year-old Russian influencer, she made headlines for leaving her ex-husband for his son (her stepson), who is 14 years her junior. And they just found out that they're expecting their second child together.

Balmasheva met her now-husband when he was just 7-years-old.

In fact, she helped raise Vladimir Shavyrin, now 23. The two begun having an affair in secret when Vladimir, a university student at the time, was visiting home while on holiday.

She left her previous husband, 47-year-old Alexey, to be with his son.

He is now alone in raising the five children he adopted with Balmasheva.

"She seduced my son… He had not had a girlfriend before her," he said.

He also claimed that she would have the affair while Alexey was in the house.

"She was running to my son's bed from our bedroom when I was sleeping… After that she was coming back and lying in bed with me as if nothing had happened."

She then divorced Alexey to be with his son.

She claims that her previous marriage was "not living but pretending."

"Did I have regrets that I destroyed the family? Both yes and no. I was ashamed that I killed the stability of 'mum and dad.'"

"Did I want to return to my ex? No."

"Do I feel anger and hatred towards him? Not any longer. He is a good person and a wonderful father to our children….

"How did children take the changes? Absolutely calmly."

She also states that she underwent plastic surgery to become more attractive in the eyes of her young husband.

"So many people tell me to use makeup - make lashes... because of my young husband," she said. "But there is one thing - he fell in love with me with all my scars from plastic surgeries, cellulite, excessive skin and personality"

Balmasheva and her new husband already have one child together.

Balmasheva gave birth to their daughter, Olga, in early 2021. According to Balmasheva, Shavyrin was not present for the birth.

Now, the couple revealed that they're expecting their second child.

In an Instagram post, Balmsheva posted the whole family happily posing with a positive pregnancy test, alongside a caption that reads, "We accept your hearts and sincere congratulations."

In a separate post, Balmsheva shares a video of an ultrasound for the new baby.

In the caption, she writes, "It's a strange feeling when you hear from a doctor: yes, that's it. Look... And you see her or him... Just three weeks on video."

"According to ultrasound, the date of conception is the day of the wedding."

"Although on this day we overate delicious fried ribs and there was nothing. But that means they figured it out without us."