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Meteorologist Brings Baby On-Air When Childcare Falls Through

Let me ask you something, have you ever found yourself without reliable childcare and having to go to work? Well, I bet this happens more often than not. And it's exactly what this one mom encountered.

However, what she did endeared people all over, and I bet this story will warm your heart. So let's find out more about this mama who just happens to be a meteorologist who took her baby to work with her. Shall we?

Get ready for some cuteness, hee-hee.

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Erika Lopez is a meteorologist who works for KVUE in Austin. One day she found herself with nobody to leave her son with before heading out to work. So she did the one thing she could think of — she brought her baby to work with her.

But this isn't just a desk job.

You see, Erika works on-air, and she actually decided to do the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. live forecasts while her adorable baby Odie was strapped to her chest. Oh my goodness — that's all I can say, hee-hee.

And, the best part is her work totally supported this move.

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Aww, that's so nice, no? As fellow moms know all too well, sometimes life just happens, and you have to roll with the punches. And that's precisely what Erika ended up doing.

I bet fellow moms can relate to this story.

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It's definitely hard for parents to be able to juggle work commitments and take care of their kids. So Erika was thrilled when her workplace and her coworkers were so supportive of this unofficial take-you-kid-to-work day, hee-hee.

And even the viewers loved it.

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After Erika posted on Instagram about her day, people started commenting and giving her praise. They hailed Erika a "supermom." That's pretty fitting. Don't you think so? Baby Odie even got in on the forecast. Erika waved his hands around while explaining the weather and high-fived a colleague who applauded her ingenuity.

Turns out more workplaces are allowing parents to bring their kids.

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This is a great change if you asked me. After all, childcare is expensive and sometimes emergencies can happen when you least expect them. So people were impressed that KVUE is such a supportive workplace.

However, Erika decided to make a more permanent change.

A few days after the broadcast, she posted on Instagram informing people that she is leaving the station to focus on taking care of her baby. She doesn't know if this will be a permanent situation but it's something she just had to do right now.

We can't really blame her.

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After all, child-rearing is an important job all in itself. So this mama realized that she needs to spend this precious time with her baby. And I say, good for her. I bet baby Odie is pretty thrilled about it too.

Didn't this story warm your heart?

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I think it's so cool to see moms and dads bring their kids on the job. Not only did it endear viewers, but It also showed that more workplaces need to be flexible. That is something I want to see more of in the future. Do you agree with me? Kudos to KVUE for being so supportive of this mom.