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David Schwimmer Teases Jennifer Aniston After She Shares Steamy Shower Pic

I often ask myself what can't Jennifer Aniston do? She can be a bombshell for nearly 4 decades straight. She can rock several different but equally as trendy hairstyles. She can be a role model for single, childless women everywhere, and now, we know she can create mass hysteria by sharing a photo of herself in the shower that is so gorgeous her former costar David Schwimmer is chiming in.

I think it's safe to say Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beloved celebrities of our time.

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Her friends surely know it. Her fans definitely know it. And her former costar, David Schwimmer, absolutely knows it.

To be fair, he was her romantic counterpart on Friends for many years and I'm sure that would have some lasting affect on you.

Earlier this week, Jen posted a photo of herself in the shower with an exciting message for fans.

"Something’s coming," she captioned the pic before writing the date "9.8.2" and tagging her haircare brand, LolaVie.

Let this serve as a reminder to follow Ms. Aniston on Instagram if you haven't already.

In the comments, fans and friends were loving the steamy pic.

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"Preparing myself for international shipping requests now!!!" wrote one fan.

"Beyond excited for this launch!! Forever proud of you Jen," echoed another.

The best response, however, came from David.

In response to her caption saying "Something's coming," David posted his own shower photo.

Looking much more chaotic with shampoo in his eyes, David captioned his post: "@jenniferaniston - a towel I hope??"

Needless to say, I'm obsessed with their friendship.

In response to the pic, Jennifer joked: "Schwim!? Trying to steal my thunder!?"

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As you can imagine, Friends fans were going wild.


"'Oh, major shampoo explosion! Oh, it’s all over everything.'- Ross Geller, Season 10, 'The One With The Home Study'." wrote another.

My favorite comment? "Mississippilessly?!"

If there's one thing I'm certain of in this life, it's that Friends fans will come together to make absolute magic on the Internet, and for that, I am forever grateful.