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TikToker Goes Viral For Showing How To Do Eyeshadow For Glasses

Okay, here's the thing, I wear glasses, so it's pretty pointless for me to put eyeshadow on my eyes. Once I have my glasses on, you can barely see the work I put into my perfect eyeshadow. Can you relate to that?

And even if you can see some of it, the glasses' rims or the reflection from the sun end up blocking it. So what is a girl to do? Well, if you're this woman, you'll come up with a clever beauty solution.

Check this out.

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Roni, who goes by @percievemepls on TikTok, recently came up with this super cool trick for eyeglass wearers. The idea came to her one night as she was heading out to a concert with friends and wanted to look her best.

Then she noticed something on Pinterest.

woman in a TikTok video tracing her glasses on her face
TikTok | TikTok | @percievemepls

An eyeshadow looked oddly similar to the shape of her glasses, and it just clicked for her. So she decided to trace the shape of her glasses and see what would happen. Then she proceeded to fill in the eyeshadow around the area.

And guess what?

Woman in a TikTok video with eye glasses and eyeshadow fitted inside the glasses
TikTok | TikTok | @percievemepls

It actually looked great. So, she figured that's what she's going to do from now on. If you follow her on TikTok, you know she creates many cool eye shadow designs that fit perfectly with her glasses, like this one, for example.

OMG! That's amazing, no?

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Honestly, when I first heard about this idea, I wasn't sure about it. I thought that couldn't possibly look good. But now that I see it, it's pretty genius. For somebody like me who is frustrated with this, it's a great option.

I mean, look at this.

split screen of woman on TikTok without glasses and with glasses and eyeshadow
TikTok | TikTok | @percievemepls

How exciting is this look, huh? Just like Roni, you too can have a lot of fun with eyeshadow, even if you wear glasses. This clever lady has come up with many different looks that fit with a variety of eyewear. Voilà!

Check out how she does it in this video.

Oh, my goodness. What did I tell you? Here Roni takes on the famous Ana Takahashi–inspired look that fits beautifully with her glasses. Wow! This is really gorgeous, no? I love it.

Needless to say, when people saw this on TikTok they freaked out.

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Some have started calling Roni a #trendsetter. I don't blame them at all. After all, I've never seen this done before. Now that I think about it, it's kind of odd. You'd think somebody would have thought of this already, no?

I love this Brazilian carnival-inspired look.

Brazilian carnival eyeshadow under glasses look on a woman on TikTok
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Isn't it so pretty? Not only that, but it's very creative and lets you have fun with your makeup. As an eyeglasses wearer, I can't tell you how refreshing of an idea this is. I adore this and I'm totally inspired.

What do you think of this fun beauty idea?

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If you wear glasses, would you do this? I'm going to start experimenting soon. And I hope it turns out half-decent, haha. I might not have such great eyeshadow blending skills as Roni, but I can surely give this a try. Wish me luck!