Vyacheslav Zadorenko, soldier and mayor of Derhachi District in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine, embracing his mother for the first time since liberating the region.
Facebook | Вячеслав Задоренко

Ukrainian Soldier Reunites With Mom After Liberating Her Town In Emotional Vid

Seven months into the war in Ukraine, and the nation has seen more than its fair share of disaster and tragedy. Still, soldiers fight on to keep their home and their freedom away from Russia.

While the war is still waging, there are plenty of smaller victories to be had, too. Like the emotional video of a soldier reuniting with his mom.

Last week, Vyacheslav Zadorenko posted a video to his Facebook page.

Mother of Vyacheslav Zadorenko, who is overjoyed to see him once again.
Facebook | Вячеслав Задоренко

Zadorenko is the mayor of Derhachi District in Kharkiv Oblast, which is situated close to the border with Russia. He, alongside other Ukrainian soldiers, fought to liberate Derhachi from Russian forces.

On September 11th, Russian military troops left the region.

Vyacheslav Zadorenko and his mother, reuniting for the first time since he helped liberate their village.
Facebook | Вячеслав Задоренко

In other words, Ukrainian soldiers succeeded in liberating Derhachi. The war may not be over, but that doesn't mean there isn't time to celebrate this huge achievement in Ukraine's efforts.

A few days after both Ukraine and Russia confirmed the Russian soldier's retreat from the area, Zadorenko posted his video.

Months of war have affected Ukraine, but videos like this show there is still hope.
Facebook | Вячеслав Задоренко

Originally posted to Facebook, the video shows Zadorenko arriving home, and being met by his family. He and his mother share a long, heartfelt embrace.

In the emotional video, Zadorenko's mother could not be more overjoyed to see her son.

Zadorenko's mother had been waiting a long time for her son to return.
Facebook | Вячеслав Задоренко

The caption on the video in the Facebook post reads, "The day I waited for the most in my life – meeting my dear mother!"

The video was also reuploaded to Twitter.

Racking in an impressive 2.5 million views on the platform, it's pretty clear that this is exactly what the world needed to see right now. Especially at such a pivotal point in the war.

Their exchange is done in Russian.

Zadorenko's reunion wasn't just with his mother.
Facebook | Вячеслав Задоренко

Unless you can speak the language, you'll have no clue what Zadorenko's mother is saying. Though, as Zoya Sheftalovich, European political correspondent, wrote in her translation of the video on Twitter, "Not that you need my translation - the meaning is clear."

The translation definitely makes the exchange so much sweeter for those of us who don't know Russian.

The mother says, "I knew it, I always knew it, I knew it, everyone is safe, I was waiting for you to come."

The heartfelt conversation continues with Zadorenko's mother and other people from the town.

In this moment, there's nothing but love and joy.
Facebook | Вячеслав Задоренко

Another woman seen in the video says, "Well done, well done. You gems, you gems! Your mum was waiting for you, every day."

The mother also offers to feed Zadroenko and the other soldiers.

She continues, "Boys, I've made a borsch, boys, I've made a borsch, how about I feed you all?"

The internet was absolutely enamored with the video, the mother reuniting with her son, and everything it represents at this time.

It's the kind of video that completely transcends language.

No matter who you are and where you're from, you can definitely relate to the joy of seeing your mother again after a time of hardship.

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