Side-by-side shot of Martin Short and Steve Martin in 'Father Of The Bride' next to a photo of the pair in 'Only Murders In The Building'.
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Father Of The Bride: The Cast Then And Now

The '90s was a decade bursting with iconic and memorable films, but arguably none were more heartwarming and timeless than Father of the Bride.

Steve Martin and Martin Short at the top of their game were a comedy duo unlike any other. So in order to get a little nostalgic, let's take a look at the cast of Father of the Bride: then vs. now.

Then: Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy as the band singer in 'Father Of The Bride'.
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I somehow manage to always forget that Eugene Levy makes a cameo appearance in Father of the Bride, albeit a minor one. While the Banks family is auditioning singers for the band, Eugene sings and dances a little musical number.

Now: Eugene Levy

Over the years, Eugene has gone on to portray some incredibly memorable characters — but arguably none more iconic than the great Johnny Rose from Schitt's Creek. I still have my fingers crossed that we could someday see a Schitt's Creek feature film.

Then: George Newbern

Bryan meeting Annie's parents in 'Father Of The Bride'
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George Newbern portrayed Annie's hopelessly romantic husband, Bryan Mackenzie. George had appeared in a handful of movies prior to being cast in Father of the Bride, but none come close to comparing to the lasting impact of this '90s classic.

Now: George Newbern

George Newbern in a lavender field.
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Judging by George's Instagram feed, the actor has developed quite the green thumb over the years. His most notable role after appearing in Father of the Bride II was when he portrayed Charlie in Scandal. He has also voiced Superman in a number of video games and animated films.

Then: BD Wong

BD Wong as Howard Weinstein in 'Father Of The Bride'.
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Who could forget Franck's helpful assistant, Howard Weinstein?! Although his part was relatively small, BD still made a huge impact in the film and on audiences everywhere. If I were a gambling man, I'd say the ponytail played a significant part.

Now: BD Wong

BD Wong standing in a moving van, surrounded by boxes.
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BD Wong has been a Hollywood mainstay ever since appearing in Father of the Bride. He's made memorable recurring cameos in Law and Order: SVU, Gotham, as well as the Jurrasic Park franchise. This man is also an ageless wonder.

Then: Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Annie Banks in her wedding dress in 'Father Of The Bride'.
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I recently rewatched Father of the Bride and I couldn't help but be gobsmacked by just how young Kimberly Williams-Paisley looks in the film. She really was just a kid back then, which makes me feel ancient.

Now: Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Kimberly Williams-Paisley taking a mirror selfie.
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I will always associate Kimberly with Annie Banks, but if I had to choose a close second it would most definitely be Dana from According to Jim. She's hilarious in the role and the show overall I always thought was criminally underrated.

Then: Kieran Culkin

Kieran Culkin as Matty Banks in 'Father Of The Bride'.
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Speaking of actors who really were just kids, Kieran Culkin hadn't even lost all of his baby teeth when he was cast to play Matty Banks. Even at such a young age, Keiran's talent was hard to miss.

Now: Kieran Culkin

Kieran Culkin in 'Succession' saying "I'm dumb but I'm smart."
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Kieran has retained the bulk of his boyish charms from his days spent as a child actor. He's had several minor TV and film roles over the years, and these days is best known for his Emmy-worthy performance as Roman Roy in Succession.

Then: Diane Keaton

George and Nina Banks in the aftermath of Annie's wedding in 'Father Of The Bride'.
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Back in the '90s, Diane Keaton was at the top of her game. It's almost impossible to nail down her perfect performance, but for my money, it doesn't get much better than the level-headed Nina Banks.

Now: Diane Keaton

To say that Diane Keaton is an icon doesn't even begin to do her justice. The woman is a proverbial living legend who continues to inspire new generations of young actors and actresses all over the world.

Then: Martin Short

Martin Short in 'Father Of The Bride' talking to Annie and Nina.
Giphy | Franck

Of all the memorable characters and moments from Father of the Bride, none are more knee-slappingly hilarious than those with Franck Eggelhoffer. The man absolutely eats up every single scene he's in and is far and away the best aspect of the movie.

Now: Martin Short

Martin Short in 'Only Murders In The Building'.
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It's incredibly difficult to remain relevant in the world of comedy, but Martin Short continues to defy the odds year after year (after year). he is easily one of the greatest character actors ever to grace the silver screen and our world is better (and funnier) because of him.

Then: Steve Martin

George Banks taking hot dog buns out of the bag in 'Father Of The Bride'.
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Of all the great dad-rants in the history of cinema, George Banks' mental implosion at the grocery store is among the cream of the crop. It really does beg the question — why do hot dog buns come in packages of twelve while packages of hotdogs come in packages of eight?!

Now: Steve Martin

Martin Short and Steve Martin sitting at the dinner table in 'Only Murders In The Building'.
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There was once a time when Steve Martin was considered to be the greatest living comedian on the planet — a reputation he's proudly upheld for more than 45 years. If you still haven't seen him alongside Martin Short in Only Murders in the Building, you need to seriously figure your life out.