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Husband Decides To Call Off Divorce After His Partner's Cancer Treatment Was Successful

When couples get married, they say, "I do" to spend the rest of their lives together. This includes the good with the bad, no matter what they may face.

Many couples recite vows at their weddings, promising to love and cherish each other no matter what, in sickness and in health. However, people do not always expect that these things will ever truly come into play.

Unfortunately, health is never a true guarantee.

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Despite how hard we may work to care for ourselves and our bodies, there are times in life when we cannot control what happens to our health and the things that can go truly wrong.

When our partner's health is in question, it can be very scary.

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Getting married to someone means that their problems are your problems. Health issues can be very hard on a marriage, especially when they are serious issues like cancer.

However, most partners stand beside their husband or wife, no matter what.

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True love knows no limits, as many spouses would stand by their partner through any health concerns or scares. Most couples fight alongside their partner to get past whatever it is they are going through.

Some people, unfortunately, are not so lucky in their spousal situations.

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One Reddit user recently opened up that his spouse made a bold decision when he revealed his cancer diagnosis. He shared that his husband decided to file for divorce when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

He shared with his husband that it would be "too hard" to take care of him.

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The couple did not automatically get divorced, however. In the province where they live, the law is that they have to live apart and separate for one full year before the divorce is actually granted.

While they were apart, the Reddit user was undergoing treatment.

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The Reddit user said that he had surgery for his cancer and also underwent chemotherapy. Fortunately, the surgery and treatment helped drastically because, at his latest check-up and scans, there was no cancer detected.

Now, his husband wants to withdraw the divorce application.

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He shared that now that the Reddit user is better, he wanted to withdraw the application and stay married now that he is better. However, the Reddit user blocked the withdrawal. He said after what he did, he no longer wanted to be married to him. Apparently, the husband was "shocked."

Many people online applauded the Reddit user for doing what was best for himself.

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Many Reddit users in the comments said that the OP was 100% right for not wanting to stay with his husband. Many said that he showed his "true colors" by leaving him in a time he needed him the most.

Apparently, others said that this is "pretty common."

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"This happens surprisingly often. When a family member of mine was battling cancer, they encountered dozens of people whose spouses, both newly married (like under 5 years) and long-term (up to 25 years iirc), left them after the diagnosis," shared kybotica.

Some said they couldn't wrap their head around it.

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"When my bf was diagnosed with Leukaemia we'd been dating 18 months. Didn't live together. The first month I slept in his hospital room every night on a bed that was like sleeping on golf balls," said bomigabster.

Apparently, men do this often.

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EllyStar shared that statistics showcase that men leave their partners who are ill at an alarmingly higher rate than women. Unfortunately, many have gone through this terrible nightmare.