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Older Women Are Sharing Things Young Women Are Doing Wrong Today

The bond of sisterhood runs deep. 

This gives us females to look up to — whether that’s a mother, sister, aunt, or friend

It’s especially helpful when these women are older as they’ve lived through life and can pass on their wisdom.

Ready for some useful life lessons on what not to do? Here, older women are sharing things young women are doing wrong today. 

Not demanding enough

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As women, we're taught not to take up too much space. This applies in both a physical and mental sense. But older women of Reddit want younger women to stop putting up with things like we shouldn't, like bad relationships, bad sex, and carrying the brunt of housework and raising kids.

Staying with men who won’t commit to them

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"I’ve watched many women invest 3, 8, 10 years of their life with a guy who has no intention of moving forward with them. And then have an incredibly difficult time moving on when the guy commits to someone else." - u/Secret_Preparation99

Sending nudes online

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Nudes are a pretty new concept to older women. Back in their day, they used actual photographs developed on a camera or nothing at all. One woman wrote that nothing good can come of it, like blackmail.

Allowing social media to play on your insecurity

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"I'm glad it wasn't an issue when I was growing up. Please ladies, know your value and don't compare yourself to ridiculous photoshopped models. Real is beautiful fake is just that, fake." - u/OnehappyOwl44

Smoking and vaping

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Gone are the days when smoking and vaping made you look cool. Now, older women see it as an express lane to poor health and poor finances. Your health should always be a top priority, regardless of your age.

Not taking care of your health

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"I wish younger women would take care of their health. It's easier to stay fit and eat healthy if you start with good habits when you are young." - u/SabineLavine. You have to strike while that metabolism is still hot.

Wearing too much makeup

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Some older women find it a sin that younger ladies cake on makeup. They believe that all of these thick creams and foundations and baking are ruining your skin. "Later in life, your skin will become blotchy and you will have to wear makeup all the time just to cover it up," one wrote.

Trying to “fix” the broken people in their life

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"People are responsible for themselves as adults and too often women see it subconsciously as their responsibility to ease and soothe and save people when it's really not. Their addictions and vices and traumas are not yours to bear." - u/Shonamac204

Not cultivating female friendships

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"They will be vital to you in the future. Your friendships with men will not last as long. Some of them will get married or partner with women who will not want you around. Your BFF will pick her over you each time." - u/TheYankunian

Rushing to get married

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This is a recipe for unhappiness. Older women want younger ladies to slow down and take the time to pick the right partner. By rushing, they might end up with someone bad for them, like someone who is controlling.

Getting pregnant with a man who isn't ready for fatherhood

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"Protect those eggs fiercely as they are your future children. Look at each one of them is a potential child. Any time you’re with a man, ask yourself, if this egg is fertilized this month am I going to want this child to look like this man and is he going to live up to being a great dad?" - u/judarltx

Spending too much time on social media

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Unless you follow nothing but puppy accounts, you're bound to feel the negative effects. A lot of young women follow celebrities like the Kardashians and feel bad that they don't look like them.

Supporting guys that won’t work

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"Why do they work two jobs so he can hang out and play video games? If a man doesn’t care to look out for you, you are better off alone. Maybe it’s sexist to say that, but both partners should be working for the good of the relationship in some way." - u/pugapooh

Trying to compete with other women

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"I see loads of ladies trying to “do it all” fierce competition with other ladies, trailblazers, working a FT Career and being a wife, mother. Volunteer etc - be super careful falling into the comparison trap(s) - no one benefits when we compare ourselves to others and live our lives, especially ourselves." - u/deleted

Not having a relationship with yourself first

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The most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself. Friends and man may come and go, but you'll always have yourself. By nourishing this relationship, you're ensuring that your needs will always be met.