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A Diagnosed Sociopath Opens Up About What It's Like To Date Her

In life, there are many people who have different types of personalities. Some people are more outgoing, while others are more introverted.

But not everyone has cute little quirks that make them look as though they just walked out of a John Green novel. Some people have serious mental health issues, or personality disorders that can be hard to understand. Well, now, one woman is opening up about how being a sociopath hurts her relationships.

One type of personality disorder is sociopathy.

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Sociopaths are individuals who have an antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). These individuals oftentimes have a complete disregard for law and order and do not care for social norms and commonalities, as well.

Research indicates those individuals who are diagnosed as sociopaths have little regard for others' emotions.

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Experts say that sociopaths often break rules or laws, behave aggressively or impulsively, and feel little guilt for the harm they cause others. They often use manipulation, deceit, and controlling behavior.

Due to their differences in behavior and how they see the world, sociopaths don't always navigate friendships and relationships the same as others.

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Relationships with a sociopath are definitely not something that many are used to. In fact, sociopaths see things very differently in terms of relationships and love.

Kanika Batra, a sociopath, and outspoken TikTok user recently shared her own take on relationships.

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Batra shared that in relationships, she views everything as transactional. But, she doesn't mean money. She claims that she is only interested in objects.

When people describe "love," she doesn't exactly understand or relate.

Sociopaths and dating tiktok
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Batra said she cannot "relate less" than when people describe what it feels like to be in love. She also added when she goes on a date, she views the other person as an object.

When they humanize themselves, she claims she gets "bored."

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When she gets bored, she says she will "probably discard them." But, if they bring value to her life, she might keep them around however they will never become something that is "significant."

Batra says her goal is to possess as many objects as she can.

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Although she recognizes how toxic these thought patterns are and how they are negatively impacting her life, she also says it is very hard to "unlearn" things.

People found the video very fascinating.

Many TikTok users were interested to learn more from Batra and said that they were fascinated by how self-aware she was and also transparent. Many asked Batra if she missed having emotional connections, or just don't know how they feel.

Some felt that the video helped them understand their own past.

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Some women said that they had dated a sociopath before in their lives and seeing Batra's videos help them to better understand their past and their ex—some even thanked her.

Batra also said she has differences in friendships, as well.

Not only are her relationships different, but Batra says she views friendships differently, too. She has "three tiers" of friends that she levels out for how she feels (or doesn't feel) towards them.

For both relationships and friendships, it's all about her.

Batra shared that both relationships and friendships work, in her mind, as to how much value they can bring her and how they can serve her. She really only looks out for one person—herself.