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Truly Wild Reasons Why People Broke Up With Their Partners

Going through a breakup can be very traumatizing and painful. Losing someone you love can hurt a whole lot, especially when you don't see it coming.

Some people might give you the whole "it's not you, it's me" speech, while others are a bit more honest with why they are deciding to end a relationship. Sometimes too honest, if we're being real. After reading some of these Reddit posts, I have to wonder whether the lame excuse may be better than the truth in some circumstances.

She didn't have a college degree.

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insomniahag shared that her boyfriend told her that he had to end things because she didn't have a college degree. The irony of the situation is that she was in college to get a degree at the time. However, his mom told him that she was definitely a "gold digger."

She wasn't Italian.

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Pandasgirl69 said that she was engaged to her fiancé, but, she caught him cheating on her with someone else. The entire situation stemmed from the fact that she wasn't Italian and his family was giving him hell for it—his mom set him up with his mistress while he was engaged.

He believed his friend over her.

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Just_a_Bee_Normal said that a friend of her ex tried to sexually assault her and then lied saying that she came onto him. She was 17, while the friend was 27. Her ex believed his friend over her.

He was going off to college to meet new people.

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"My very first boyfriend left me because he said he was going off to college and going to meet other, better women. He was a senior and I was a freshman. To this day he is still single and has tried to hit me up twice. I ignored him both times," said Mac_nocheeze.

She was in therapy.

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No-Understanding-901 shared that her ex broke up with her because she was in therapy working through things. He claimed that he could not be serious with anyone who has mental health issues and struggles.

Their culture was way too different.

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514to506 shared that she and her ex had different cultures and races and that he decided his parents would never accept her. However, he waited three years to tell her this—three years together before he dumped her.

He was cheating, but blamed her.

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"I also made the mistake of checking his phone as I had a feeling he was hiding something. I then found sexual text messages back and forth between him and a female colleague. He denied it saying it was jokes, then broke up with me because I’m too insecure," said ephemeralstillness11.

She was grieving too much.

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Funberley shared that her ex broke up with her because she was having mental health issues and struggles while grieving. She had lost her twin, and she was going through a lot, but he decided it was too much for him.

She put on too much weight.

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"I suddenly and inexplicably started gaining weight. He policed my food, raided my room multiple times to see if I was hiding snacks, and made me feel too ashamed to eat in front of him. I kept telling him that I was doing nothing different, but he refused to believe me," wrote Spoonula.

He apparently had a marriage arranged.

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noberyllium shared she had been with a guy for a couple of months when he announced to her that they had to end things. He shared that his pastor had actually arranged a marriage between noberyllium's boyfriend and the pastor's daughter!

The whole "last name" problem.

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bambiealberta shared that she and her ex had the same last name so he was scared they could somehow be related. Apparently, they are from completely different countries and cities around the world. What was weirder was that for the first five months, he was completely fine.

Over a t-shirt.

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"He didn't like a t-shirt I was wearing. I refused to change because that was ridiculous. We had been dating for a year and living together for 3 months. He REALLY regretted ending it over that lol," said Ordinary_Elk_4721.

She opened up about her past.

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4-rensicfiles7623 said she was in an abusive relationship in the past and opened up to her ex about it—he proceeded to tell her that it "ruined his day" to find out that it happened and he broke up with her over it, too.

Lied about getting help.

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rainy_day_raves said that her ex told her he was moving back in with his mom so he can go to a mental hospital and receive help. Turns out, he lied and he was just interested in someone else and dating her, but he didn't have the guts to tell her.

Insecure moms and sisters.

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"His sister and mother didn't approve of me and feared that I would take him from them to the big city so they tried to convince him that it wouldn't work with me and immediately set him up with a friend of the sister while I was away. He was so lame that he decided to start something with her on the spot," shared Pikovaya_Dama.