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Goldie Hawn, 76, Shows How To Make Working Out Fun By Using Wine Bottles

No weights? No problem!

Goldie Hawn has you covered with her fitness hack that involves using wine bottles as weights. She's been sharing it as part of her mind and body series, MindUP Monday, on Instagram.

We'd expect nothing less than the Queen of Fun!

Extra hack: pour yourself a glass of wine afterward to toast your fitness accomplishments!

If there's one thing Kate Hudson inherited from her mother (besides her looks, of course), it's her sunny personality.

Kate and her mom, Goldie
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She loves to have fun, and often does so in different ways, like hanging with A-list celeb pals, singing, and entertaining friends and family.

She even has a book out called 'Pretty Fun,' which teaches readers how to have comfortable large and intimate gatherings.

Kate Hudson selfie
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Kate's not opposed to a party-of-one, either. This past April, she hosted her very own first underboob martini party. "I’m into it!" she captioned the iconic pic.

She made the martini with her very own liquor line, King Vodka.

It's a clean craft liquor that's gluten-free, crafted with alkaline water, and 7x distilled for purity in Santa Barbara, California. The name was inspired by her former home on King Street in NYC.

When fans of the star saw her underboob martini party, cheers were in order.

Kate Hudson laughing
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"I need to add this to my lineup of party kit offerings. SO FUN!" one fan wrote. "I swear Instagram has all my fantasy parties I would love to attend," another added.

Speaking of alcohol, Kate isn't the only one in her family who enjoys a good drink now and again.

Recently, Goldie Hawn went viral for working out with wine bottles and biker shorts. This is part of her Instagram series, “MindUP Monday” series.

The 76-year-old shares different ways people can keep their minds and body strong.

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She does so in partnership with MindUp, which is the main program of the Goldie Hawn Foundation. The foundation, which was founded in 2003, does a lot of good for the community.

According to its website, it aims to “help children develop the knowledge and tools they need to manage stress, regulate emotions and face the challenges of the 21st century with optimism, resilience, and compassion."

In her latest video on Monday, October 24, she shared a fun fitness hack.

"If you don't have weights or anything, just get a couple of bottles of wine," she said while holding a bottle of wine in each hand.

Goldie holding wine bottles
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She then used them to do reps overhead. "It's great," she said, while suggesting that people also use large water bottles if needed.

Now this is a workout we can get behind!

Goldie lifting up wine bottles
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So many people agreed, including celeb pals. "I love you, Goldie," Reese Witherspoon wrote with a heart emoji. Even Goldie's daughter, Kate, loved it. She shared the video and wrote, "Does it get any cuter…?! I can’t 🥰. #momknowsbest.

The love continued with fans. "I’ve loved Goldie my whole life and this kind of stuff is why! Repurposing wine. Brilliant!" one wrote.

Goldie drinking wine
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"Love you Goldie! My grandfather always had the biggest crush on you and I can see why! Smart, cute and beautiful. You are the real thing!" another added.

Many were motivated to work out, drink, or both.

"Thank you for this. You have just motivated me to do this today!!" a fan commented. "You are always such a positive inspiration! I’m gonna go downstairs and do arm lifts with my half-empty wine bottles right now! Maybe take a sip or two then go walking!" another added.

Love it!