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Mom Tells Son The Dog Her Ex-Hubby Gave Him Ran Away, But She Really Sold It For $4K

Family doesn't always have your best interest at heart. Sometimes, a relative you think you can trust might actually be lying to you about something pretty serious.

For one Reddit user, their mom hid the truth about the disappearance of their brother's dog. When the truth finally came out, OP wondered if they were in the wrong for telling the brother about it.

"AITA for telling my brother our mom sold his dog?"

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The post from a now-deleted account was submitted to Reddit, and told the story of how OP and their brother's parents had a pretty messy divorce, which cost the brother his dog.

"My brother got a puppy from our dad for his birthday last year."

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"Mom and dad had a bad divorce and she hated that he didn’t ok with her before getting one for my brother. My brother has wanted a dog for forever but my mom never let him because of the shedding."

"I like dogs so I was happy with the new family member but my mom never liked him."

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"Six months ago he disappeared and mom said he ran away," OP continues. "My brother was devastated and cried every night."

"He and I suspected she got rid of him and he and her had massive fights everyday but she denied it so nothing came of it."

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"I was fixing her phone notifications since she wouldn’t get notifications from some people and saw she had a e-transfer for $4000 from someone I didn’t recognize so I looked in her emails and sure enough she had posted the dog for sale."

"I confronted her and she told me she had put the money in our college fund."

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"I told her I was telling my brother and she yelled at me for choosing a useless animal over her. I told my brother anyway since I wanted him to stop worrying if his dog was still alive and they had a massive fight and he tried to get his dog back but obviously they didn’t respond."

"My mom blamed me for their bad relationship and I feel guilty now because they are constantly fighting."

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Commenters on the post weighed in, with most believing that OP was in the right to tell their brother the truth about his dog.

Most were pretty harsh on the mom for her lie.

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One commenter wrote, "Mom's lie is the reason they have a bad relationship, not your revealing the truth.

"Mom could have said 'No dogs allowed at my house. We either have to put it up for adoption, or it stays exclusively with Dad.' Your brother would probably still be angry, but I imagine much less so."

Many were also suspicious about the college fund.

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One user wrote, "Also there's no college fund. It's already spent."

Another added, "There is a college fund... it's sitting in the driveway, with a fresh coat of wax."

Others were quick to point out that the dad was at fault, too.

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After all, the dad left the dog with his ex, knowing full well she didn't like dogs.

One commenter wrote, "Your dad had absolutely no right to force a dog on your mom. He should have been keeping the dog at his house. Your mom had every right to refuse to allow the dog to be at her house and that is entirely on your dad."

In the comments, OP clarified a few things.

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They wrote, "The dog had the same arrangement as us. Weekdays with mom and weekends with dad." The user also clarified that the dad got the dog after the divorce was settled, meaning he knew full well she'd have a problem with it. At the end of the day, though, it's the parents who were wrong.

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