11+ Restaurants That Took Their Themes Too Far

I'm a pretty simple person when it comes to food. I just want it to look appealing and taste good. So I'm a bit weary when I hear that a new restaurant has opened up and they're doing something so outrageous everyone is lining up to try it.

Dining in the dark? No thank you. Just gimme the food and forget all the theatrics. Is it just me?

1. This Shoe

Reddit | Palinon

We go from a hat to a shoe. Really? I think they should warn people before they order something because I would think twice before ordering this.

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2. This Serving Option

Reddit | Frostyybeer

Not sure about you but I like my food served on a plate and not my own hand. WTF? Are you supposed to lick it off?

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3. This Treasure Hunt

Reddit | Bertlin_oliwa

So I know what you're thinking: Where's the food? Apparently, at this restaurant, you're supposed to forage through this mess to find your dessert. Come again?

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4. This Hat Trick

Reddit | Xander395

I've seen some weird ways to serve food but putting the bread in a hat is a first for me. I hope it gets dry cleaned.

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5. These Nachos

Reddit | hannahflower

I love nachos, but I've never seen them served like this before. I mean, how are you even supposed to get to the bottom? Weird or what?

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6. This Venison

Reddit | jaydoree

So, I guess this is a new way of serving venison two ways lol. I'm not really sure if I'm digging this realistic wild display though.

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7. This Mess

Reddit | Cyclonekmb

If you can't tell from the picture, I don't blame you. This is supposed to be spaghetti bolognese served in a bread cone. Is this a joke?

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8. This Salad

Reddit | Stabby_stab_stab

When you order a salad you don't expect it to arrive in a candleholder with just a bunch of vegetation. Or am I asking for too much?

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9. This Shovel

Reddit | MaximiliantheMadman

No, your eyes are not fooling you. This is food brought in on a snow shovel. Ha, ha, ha. Seriously, what kind of food joint is this?

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10. This Bloody Mary

Reddit | flibbertygibbet100

So apparently this restaurant will give you everything but the kitchen sink when you order a Bloody Mary including a whole chicken. Meal for two? LOL.

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11. This Kitchen Sink

Reddit | lowhighkey

Speaking of kitchen sinks, this restaurant has a dish by the same name and when you order, you get this. Not the most appetizing display. Huh?

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12. This Meat Skull

Reddit | cikifrombosnia

Okay, I dunno if they are trying to make me like meat more or like it less with this display. I think it's the latter.

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13. This Soup In A Conch

Reddit | TheFlyingPig32

I have to admit this is a beautiful display. But for $100 you would think there would be more soup than that. Right?

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Is it just me or are you over this over-the-top way of displaying food?


Just gimme the grub and don't charge me an arm and a leg for it.

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