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People Are Battling Cold And Flu Season By Hanging Eucalyptus In Their Showers

Everyone handles "treating themselves" differently. For some, a bath with a candle and book in hand is fine enough. For others, an indulgent night of takeout and a movie on the weekend is heaven.

For others, buying some plants or flowers is just what they need to make their day, and if you find yourself with some eucalyptus in your bouquet, there may be some good use for it.

You might be wondering why people would hang a bunch of eucalyptus from their shower heads.

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It's not just because it looks pretty and adds some essence of tranquility to your shower.

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According to the people that have been doing it on Instagram, the steam from a warm shower works to release the natural oils from eucalyptus.

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And this is important, because?

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Apparently, certain essential oils may help relieve the symptoms of a cold, like congestion, stuffiness, and even infection.

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In particular, diluted eucalyptus oil on the chest can help as a decongestant.

So, it's believe that incorporating it naturally into the steam of a shower will help even more.

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Not to mention, it will make your shower smell amazing during as well as after.

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According to Instagrammer practicallysensible, you can replace the eucalyptus every month, or even longer, making it pretty economical.

While there is no evidence that this will cure a cold, there's no harm in some aromatherapy and a hot steamy shower when you're feeling under the weather!

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