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14+ Cuffing Season Memes To Laugh At While Crying And Scrolling Through Tinder

Paddy Clarke 5 Nov 2019

Ah dating, something which was once a long-drawn-out process that involved going out and speaking to people, getting to know them, and then either continuing to do so or not after a random moment. Thankfully, today's technology allows you to forgo any tangible means of real human contact, in favour of quickly deciding on a whim whether you will like someone based on a potentially witty bio and a holiday snap.

However, despite the ease with which Tinder and the like have apparently made dating, some people still manage to find themselves without relationships as we barrel into cuffing season. But, never fear, for I am here to provide you with a perfectly wonderful distraction in the form of 14+ cuffing season memes to laugh at while crying and scrolling through Tinder!

1. Red Flags Are Very In This Season


Sometimes you've just got to make the best of a bad situation!

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2. Out Of The Woodwork

Much like spiders who take refuge in your drains during the colder months, exes will attempt to take similar precautions.

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3. Thou Hadst Hoe'd

Yet again, Renaissance memes making contemporary problems seem fine and hilarious, when they're really far from it!

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4. "Keep them for the next cuffing season."

Reddit | BrothaBigBones

Never throw away a good meme, it can always be recycled into another chat further down the line.

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5. "The 21st century ghost"

Reddit | Wallyballoo

Sure, halloween may be over, but the 21st century ghost is not confined by such matters of occasion, and can strike whenever! Boo!

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6. Friend-zoned

Dear Lord, the friend-zone meter is off the chart! Our thoughts and prayers go out to Austin.

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7. "Tinder Roulette"

Reddit | h_A_R_r_Y__

Would you take the risk? What could go wrong after all? I mean, a taken like situation would be worst-case I guess.

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8. Spurious Beeping And Whistling

Reddit | tuppennyupright

It baffles me that so many people still fall for these sorts of things. The way those bots message is like talking to a pineapple.

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9. Too Real

Reddit | lizzyfletch

Ah, Spongebob, you really can make everything funny, even the crushing reality of people's isolated misery!

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10. Cuffing Schedule

Reddit | usctrojan415

Goodness knows what the Championship Game consists of, but I imagine it's intense. Either the blossoming of truly wonderful relationship, or a quite savage note left on the fridge.

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11. You've Missed The Boat

Ah yes, nothing screams romance like comparing a potential relationship to paying your taxes.

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12. Never Forget

This could be turned into a great line for wedding vows: "I promise to take you and all your dumb problems!"

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13. Bit Of An Overreaction

Reddit | haleykohr

Wow, that person needs to calm down a trifle! Although, "I enjoy your presence" is the phrasing of a psychopath, so she probably dodged a bullet there.

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14. The Pull Is Strong

Ahh, a temptation that has seen the destruction of many friendships and states of mental wellbeing.

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15. "Fair trade."

Reddit | grayking2501

I have Danny Devito on super shiny! (I don't know what that means in this context, but I'll leave you with that unshakeable mental image!)

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16. Get Your Binoculars Out

Don't let the apparent pressure of "Cuffing Season" let you make any daft mistakes! You have all the time in the world, now just sit back and take a sip of a tequila sunrise.

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17. Occam's Razor

Or, you could pick neither, and just be happy in your skin and enjoy the holiday season! (I realise this is much easier said than done, but I'm just trying to be positive!)

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18. The Talking Stage

I never found the talking stage particularly stressful... Of course I'm lying, it is like pre-relationship purgatory.

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19. Squeaking Wheel Sounds

Yeah, but at least you have your washing done! Everyone else may be in a relationship, but who'll be laughing when they need clean clothes! I mean, them still — but you'll be in clean clothes at least.

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20. You're Fired

Well, actually, I've got a surprise for you! Your soulmate is actually right behind you! Nah, just kidding, there's no one there! Happy cuffing season!

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