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People Share Times They Saw Things They Were Never Supposed To See

Paddy Clarke 6 Nov 2019

There are plenty of times in a person's someones life when they see something that they were definitely not supposed to. From the unexpected joy of finding a present that is clearly intended for you, to any of the more horrific things that are found on this list, stumbling upon something that you weren't meant to see can be either nice or truly skin-crawling.

One person recently took to Reddit to find out some of the most interesting things that people had accidentally stumbled upon, by asking the question, "What was something you saw you were definitely not supposed to see?"

The responses varied wildly, and I have gathered for you the most shocking, unsettling, and downright bizarre stories that graced the thread.

1. Cooking The Books

Unsplash | Jp Valery

"Leaving work late one evening, I saw the HR director and CFO in a dark office shredding papers (no, that's not a euphemism). I didn't say anything but quietly walked on down the hall. Two weeks later we were raided by the SEC and several people were charged with cooking the books." — TheGooOnTheFloor

Thank God that "shredding papers" isn't a euphemism, because I don't want to think about what the details of that euphemism could entail.

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2. Inappropriate Hospital Demeanor

Instagram | lifeaccordingtogm

"I had a patient who was close to death and we called her daughter, she came and we set her up in the room to stay until her mother passed, she brought her boyfriend which is not abnormal. I walked in to do my routine check and they were having sex on the cot that was set up for her maybe 15 feet from her dying mother." — BoxFortress

I'm fairly certain that the last thing this person's mother would want to see would be her daughter "shredding papers"! That could have killed her off!

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3. Dirty Hard Drive

Instagram | jameshie

"Back in 1997, I started work at a new job and took over the office of a salesman who had recently been fired. I was in IT, using the same computer that had been setup for Sales. My first task was to install all the software I'd need. The computer hard drive was almost full, so I poked around and found a TON of folders filled with porn. I went to my supervisor, and he said to delete it, warning me that the salesman had been fired for downloading porn.

"Over the next few weeks, I kept finding secret porn folders on the company's network. Not only had he downloaded enough porn to max out his computer's HD, he had the network at about 90% capacity." — matunascraft

Apparently, when they finally cleared all of the explicit material the server capacity was less than 50%! That person must have had a serious addiction to pornography!

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4. Divorce

Instagram | eonia.jewelry

"I found a letter between my parents back when my dad was in the army (10 years before I was born) when cleaning out the house. He was saying how they should get a divorce because it just wasn't seeming to work out. When I was 16 they did end up getting a divorce, I've never talked to them about it." — -NoFaithInFate-

This must have been horrible. As a child, there are few things worse than thinking that your parents are going to split up. Hopefully, they managed to work things out as best as possible.

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5. Inappropriate Pool Behavior

Instagram | goodswim_14

"Just 2 days ago, at a community pool, a teenage couple who entered into the pool area went into the hot tub. Stood up to stretch my legs and looked over to, well, sex in the hot tub. It was midday!! I cringed pretty hard... but I laughed even harder when the neighborhood cop showed up." — my-darling-nikki

The very idea of having sex in a public hot tub is making me feel like I need a shower. Who knows who else has been in there, and what they've been up to!

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6. The Secret Suitcase

Instagram | bagoramametro

"I found a suitcase full of dildos under my mom's bed when I was 8." — ctd994

I mean finding any amount of sex toys would be traumatic enough, but a whole suitcase full is a little intense!

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7. Finding Someone's Diary

Instagram | susanberkson

"When I was about 16, I was snooping in my parent's wardrobe. I found a diary written by my mother when she was 14 (from the year 1970). Read some beautiful and brilliantly written entries about meeting and dating my dad (who was 16 at the time). I had to read a little between the lines in some slightly later entries as they were written with such flowery language. In one such entry, all of a sudden she discloses that she's had an abortion. Performed by my grandfather. An anesthesiologist. She never told anyone." — theunicornbort

I don't think that I could ever bring myself to read someone's diary if I found it, there's something far too personal about it. Has anyone else out there found someone's diary and been too nervous to read it, or is it just me?

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8. Sending Pictures To The Wrong Phone

Instagram | dashingdinosaurs

"My [Father In Law] sent a dick pick to my wife on accident...yes his own daughter....luckily, I picked up her phone first and saw it. I was so confused at first and then realized what happened and started dying laughing! It was his shaft and there was an old spice deodorant stick hiding the head of his penis [...]

"As soon as I laughed, she came over and the phone rang, it was her dad calling. I threw it at her because there was no way in hell I could answer it and not be cackling. Poor guy was crying and apologizing and she said she had no idea what was going on but would delete the picture before even looking at it. She got off the phone, deleted the pic and then was mortified when I told her." — hp5log

Apparently the person who wrote this wanted to get their father in law a stick of Old Spice for Christmas but wasn't allowed. I don't think I'd have been able to resist!

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9. Drug Deals

Instagram | tiddlytin

"Me and a friend snuck away from a house party at 2am once, we wanted to go to this local abbey. We were exploring the grounds and generally having a nice time when we see two cars stop nearby.

"Instinctively we hid in some bushes and witnessed what was clearly a large drug trade. We definitely were not supposed to see that. We waited for them to finish their business and then we headed back to the party." — idiedforwutnow

Based on the majority of responses on this list I was naturally waiting for this to turn sexual, so it's lovely and refreshing to hear about a wholesome drug deal!

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10. Engagement Ring

Instagram | victorbarbonejewelry

"A bit boring, but I found an engagement ring in a closet six months before my boyfriend popped the question. In those six months, I kept going back to the closet to put the ring on my finger and admire it." — AwkwardBreak

Thought you might like a nice wholesome one at the midway break here, like a nice, cool, refreshing glass of juice in the morning.

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11. Suicide

Instagram | ianyanktonphoto

"We had a guy commit suicide at work. As a maintenance shift leader, they assigned me to move out about 1000 feet from where it happened and block off the path where the in-plant vehicle would take him from the incident to the waiting ambulance. As the cart passed by the blanket that was covering him blew off and I saw his body there on the cart with a gunshot wound to the head. Such a scary and sad moment" — DarthKegger

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12. The Day The Magic Died

Instagram | cupidspulse

"David Copperfield show: I was at an angle that allowed me to see the volunteers running out from the stage during a disappearing act." — CYAAfghanistan

Everyone remembers how old they were when certain milestones of disillusionment are met; for instance, how old you were when you realised that Santa wasn't real, or how old you were when you realised that magic isn't cool.

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13. Pedophilia

Instagram | thebentleylondonhotel

"Checked this guy in at like 1 in the morning (not uncommon because people travel at different times) but he was alone. Like an hour later he asked for something like a towel or blanket. Anyways, dispatched our runner to deliver it. After the runner comes to me and says he thinks something is wrong because he caught a glimpse of someone and the old guy was trying hard to block the entrance [...]

"I asked our maintenance to cut his power so we would get a call to come up to try and fix the problem. He does and I go up with him to apologize for the inconvenience because the guy was also a top tier member. Sure enough, we hear a kid in the bathroom hiding.

"Tried to ask who the kid was and the old guy tried everything to shut us down from throwing his status around to bribing. Called the cops and let them deal with it." — panjier

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14. Infidelity

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

"Hard drive failed on my dad's computer.

The data recovery software did a pretty good job really, but I could have done without it recovering nude & lingerie shots of the various women he's been banging behind my mother's back over the years." — CMDRTheDarkLord

While this is terrible for this person's family, it also shows how important data security is. When getting rid of a computer, be careful as you don't want your personal details out there if it can be avoided. Although, if you're cheating on your wife, then you kind of got what was coming to you.

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15. The "Surprise" Party

Instagram | michamettier

"I found invitations to my big surprise 18th birthday just lying on the floor a few weeks before the event, I had to act surprised when the time came to walk through the door to the party, which I did. The only thing is, my twin brother also knew (which I didn’t know at the time) and let's just say his acting skills are really bad... So we both found out in different ways about the surprise party but neither of us knew that we found out about it. So when I walked through the door for the ‘surprise’, I could tell from his reaction that he knew..." — untg

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16. Mistaken Mail

Instagram | tieoneon.susie

"My severance check. Apparently someone at the payroll company addressed it to me instead of HR. Opened it at my desk and laughed, packed up my s**t and left." — BougieB_83

Is there a chance that they maybe they did it on purpose to avoid an uncomfortable conversation?

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17. Parents Divorcing

Unsplash | Zoriana Stakhniv

"When I was a young teen I was once leaving my house to go do something in the neighborhood. As soon as I got out of the door I heard my parents at the garage. My mother seemed to be in her car, and my father...was sitting down behind her car and pleading with her not to leave. My parents were divorcing, and I saw a few scenes that I wish I never had. Not really horrific, but seeing your parents in emotional pain can be rough." — Eaglestrike

This is not something that any child should see. These sort of moments sadly can massively shape a child's outlook for years to come.

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18. Pouring Oil Into The Sea

Instagram | boat_aesthetics

"I used to work on oilrigs and one stormy night I had to go to the cellar deck ( the lowest level of the rig) to do a repair and I caught the safety officer and the production supervisor opening a separator valve and emptying the contents (oily water) straight into the sea!

"They obviously chose a winter stormy night to do this so that by morning the oil would be elsewhere." — Carl_Clegg

And people wonder why our planet is in such a state of disrepair.

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19. Receipts

Instagram | @porchanspinehome

"The receipts to everything under the Christmas tree," one person shares.

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20. The Tape

Instagram | @hauntedvault

"I came across a sex tape / nude pictures of my sister and her boyfriend," this man writes, "She's long broken up with that boyfriend and recently got married, I haven't told her and will probably take it to my grave."

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21. Interns

Instagram | @pulsemedicaltrans

"Interning in the Emergency Department, I walked past a room I wasn't allowed in due to the trauma of the situation and unintentionally saw a man with both his knees broken backward," this person shares.

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22. The Kitchen Floor

Unsplash | Tim Bennett

"Scrolling through the depths of my mother's Facebook and found a status from over 10 years ago that said 'I like it on the kitchen floor...,'" this person writes, "Checked the comments, was on the same wavelength as everyone else, really hoping she was hacked. But it still disturbs me to this day."

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23. Food Stamps

Instagram | @mchenrycruiser

"I was very young, somewhere between 7-9," one person shares, "My family was always pretty poor, especially my dad and his girlfriend, but I never gave much thought to it. One time I was driving home from the grocery store with my dad. Being a bored small kid, I pulled the receipt out of the bag to read the stuff off of it. I ended up finding something that said we paid with food stamps. I asked him about why it said that. He told me to hand him the receipt, to which he crumpled it up violently and said, 'Now it’s gone.' This still keeps me up at night."

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24. The End

Instagram | @dr_tdubrohr

"A picture of my great grandfather's autopsy," this person writes.

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25. Testing 123

Unsplash | Chris Liverani

"Exam questions and answers, all of them," this person shares, "I was left alone in school and the teacher was on her phone, weird me tryna find a piece of paper saw all answers, questions, and stuff. Took them pics, and the teacher comes in saying, 'Oh there you are, did you find your paper?' I go home, sent to all of my friends the pics. The next day we all get high ass grades in all the exams."

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26. Private

Instagram | @kaylajournals

"My mother's diary," one person writes, "It was talking about how my dad had another girlfriend, in which he had sex with. He used to hide condoms and lie about text messages he had sent to his girlfriend. This had changed the way I had seen him. A year later they both had a divorce, which upset me, but I knew it was for the right reasons."

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27. Cheating

Instagram | @saraviktoire

"My mother's 'Illicit Encounters' profile," this person writes, "She's been married to my dad for 17 years."

For those unaware, 'Illicit Encounters' is a dating site for married people to cheat on their spouses.

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28. Secret Addiction

Instagram | kosmosist

"My dad's AA chips. Learned it's why my parents got divorced. Proud of him for being in recovery though." — heuristichuman

Anyone can overcome an addiction with the right willpower and support network. You are never alone in this world.

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29. The Secret Camera

Instagram | luishfigueroa

"Borrowed my Dad's camera, found out he was gay." — TheLaudMoac

The simplicity of this one is quite disarming. Apparently they were 13 when they found out, and apparently, now his dad is happily out.

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