12+ Non-Traditional Christmas Trees To DIY For The Holidays

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decorations? Or would you rather do something more unique? If you're more of the latter mind, then listen up.

I've got some cool ideas for you to check out for a non-traditional Christmas tree. One that will definitely impress all your family and friends. So get ready to get creative.

1. Brown Paper Tree

Crafts A La Mode

I did a double-take when I saw this tree from Crafts a la Mode because I couldn't believe my eyes. Is this tree made out of simple brown paper? Yes, indeed.

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2. Double Ladder Tree

Paisley & Jade

If you really want to throw tradition out the window, then get a load of this crazy tree made from a ladder by Paisley & Jade. Isn't this something? Such a cool idea.

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4. Driftwood Tree


Now's the time to head outdoors to look for driftwood before the first snowfall. Why? Because of this tree. Need I say more? I don't think so.

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5. Picture Tree


If you always wanted to create a family tree, now you have a good reason. Use Christmas as the perfect opportunity to do this awesome DIY project.

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6. Floating Tree


Who says your Christmas tree needs to be standing on the floor? Nobody ever. LOL. How amazing is this idea from Handimania of creating a floating tree instead?

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7. Stack Of Books Tree

Very Merry Vintage Style

Are you a bookworm? Prove it! Why not arrange all your favorite books in an array like this to create the most unusual Christmas tree. Thanks to Very Merry Vintage Style for the idea!

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8. Cactus Tree


Did you know there are people totally obsessed with cacti? Yes, indeed. If you're one of those cacti fans, and I love you all, show your cactus off.

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9. Honeycomb Tree

Instagram | @ohjoy

Talk about having a ball while creating your festive Christmas tree, huh? Doesn't this look like so much fun? I think so. It's so colorful and different.

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10. Pink Tree

The House That Lars Built

If you're sick and tired of your boring green Christmas tree I think it's time for a change. Go for something really pretty like this pink tree courtesy of The House That Lars Built.

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11. Wire Tree

House Of Eden

If you're still not sure which direction to take with your Christmas tree, I've got another idea for you. How about this wire and tree branch number from House of Eden?

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12. Floral Tree

Instagram | @sweetnewyork

If you still want to keep your old Christmas tree, no worries. You can just add floral accents such as these to create a completely new look.

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13. Black Tree

Instagram | @jamieyoungcltrealtor

I never thought I would like a black Christmas tree, but when it looks like this I'm totally digging it. Don't worry about getting bold.

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14. Shelving Unit Tree

That's My Letter

Sometimes, it might be a good idea to opt for something more functional. I'm so impressed with this shelving unit Christmas tree idea from That's My Letter. Are you?

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15. Branches In A Vase Tree

Oaxaca Born

Speaking of non-traditional trees, this branches in a vase idea is so whimsical and won't take up too much space. This is super cute. Thanks for the idea, Oaxaca Born.

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16. Cut-Out Tree

Fresh Design Blog

This is such a pretty and modern take on the traditional Christmas tree, especially if you're into the monochrome look like Fresh Design Blog. The sparkly lights add a special touch.

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17. Garland Tree

Pure Home

This is a similar idea to the double ladder tree, but this time you can use a garland to create a tree pattern such as this.

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18. Balloon Christmas Tree


OMG, how fun is this balloon tree? But it'll only work if you don't have any pets or children around to accidentally pop the balloons, hee, hee.

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19. Seashell Tree


Wow, this tree is simply spectacular. It's giving me a whole other festive vibe — the kind you would feel if you celebrated Christmas on a tropical island.

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20. Book Page Tree

Love Of Family And Home

What a fun way to create an unusual holiday tree. And you can just reuse the paper for next year as well. A great way to upcycle courtesy of Love Of Family And Home.

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21. Chalkboard Tree

A Legg Up

This tree is perfect for a household with a few kids so you can turn it into a fun family project that everyone can participate in.

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22. Washi Tape Tree

Homey Oh My

You can find washi tape in almost all craft stores or on Amazon and you don't even need scissors to use it. Now have fun creating patterns. Love this idea from Homey Oh My!

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23. Wall Hanging Tree

Grandin Road

You can easily create this wall hanging tree by using various tree pieces arranged from big to small to create the illusion of a tree. It's perfect for an entryway, too!

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Who knew there were so many incredibly creative and non-traditional Christmas tree ideas out there?


I certainly didn't — not until now. But I'm loving all of these. They're fantastic.

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