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15+ Pet Memes That Even Your Boyfriend’s Cat With Bad Vibes Can Enjoy

Paddy Clarke 8 Nov 2019

Like coal in a steam train's engine, pet memes fuel the internet. Without them, the internet as we know it would grind to a halt, leaving millions of people stranded in reality with no pictures of cats or dogs to laugh at. Ew, can you imagine the thought of the real world these days, doesn't bear thinking about!

Well, fortunately for you, the internet's pet meme supply is doing much better than the real world's fuel supplies! So, with that in mind, here are 15+ pet memes that even your boyfriend's cat with bad vibes can enjoy!

1. Her Heart Will Go On

Twitter | TheDreamGhoul

This cat deserves and Oscar for best actor! Or should I say, a Meowscar for best catcor! (I probably shouldn't, sorry.)

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2. "My dog looks like a middle-aged man who just took his first selfie."

Reddit | euph31

"Great to see you at the weekend for the BBQ Eileen, not sure how to use this FaceNovel thing but getting the hang of it slowly. Blessed."

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3. Sugar Puppy

Twitter | TheWeirdWorld

This has got to be directed more towards cats. I mean, dogs can go and perform basic tasks like fetching things, not cats though — no matter how hard you try, you just get scratched.

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4. Brother! Help Me!

Instagram | awarded_memes

Just thinking about this scene has got me feeling emotions that I had successfully repressed as a child. I'm not crying, you are!

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5. "Does your dog bite? No, worse, it judges."

Reddit | Artkinn

"I know you hid the snacks, Sandra, just tell them where they are and no one gets bitten."

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6. Atishoo

Instagram | fluffychonks

It's like they don't understand what yelling is— oh, wait, they don't, 'cause they're cats!

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7. Pet Store Problems

Reddit | xp_fresh

I actually had a pet chameleon for 8 years, they're remarkably low-maintenance pets! (I'm of course joking, they require an immense amount of looking after! Great pets though!)

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8. Clean Yourself Up!

Twitter | morgan_murphy

"Hi, my names Snuffles, and I'm a chew-toy-aholic."

"Hi Snuffles."

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9. The Ultimate Test Of Intelligence

Instagram | colorado.dogs

It's worse when they learn how to spell b-a-t-h. Before you know it you're referring to the bath as "The big bowl for wetting."

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10. Fake Friends

Twitter | geoooffrey

Sheesh, your friends don't pee when they see you? You must have a sad, sad life, my friend. My friends always go to the toilet when I turn up, and one of these days they're gonna come back, just wait and see!

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11. Re-downloads Uber

Instagram | dog.woofs

Can I set my Uber preferences so that I exclusively get picked up by people with dogs?

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12. "Can You Just Help Me Out With Something Real Quick?"

Instagram | petsies

If this dog doesn't deserve employee of the month, then I don't know who does!

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13. Let Me Eat In Peace

Twitter | KellyCollette

They like to eat in privacy, that's a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Unless you're in a restaurant and bring in office dividers — I can tell you for a fact that that doesn't go down well.

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14. For The Last Time My Cat Is Not Fat!

Twitter | carson_hudson

Hey, you leave that cat alone and stop fat-shaming it! If that cat is happy being a chonk, then you let it be a chonk!

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15. Puppy-cide

Instagram | kanzaki.the.memer

Cat: "Just get in this pot, it'll be really fun I promise."


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16. Uncomfortable Silence

Instagram | citizen_d






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17. Dies Inside

Instagram | colorado.dogs

Now, that is one weird-looking dog. If I saw my dog blowing a snot bubble like this I'd be making it a muzzle made of Kleenex.

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18. Faux-Cat Person

Instagram | fluffychonks

When the rocks melt from the heat of the sun engulfing Earth on its final day, there will still be one person using this template to make a meme about the apocalypse.

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19. Racoon Envy

Twitter | blarfn18

There is absolutely noting wrong with wanting a pet racoon! I mean, have you seen one eating grapes?

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20. #Workstruggles

Instagram | fluffychonks

In fairness, I think this is most people when they wake up to go to work regardless of what time it is.

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