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12+ Chonky Animals Who Are Absolute Units

Amy Pilkington 8 Nov 2019

If you're unfamiliar with use of the meme "absolute unit", it basically refers to something being a very large or stocky example of a normal thing, often a human or animal.

It's been around since 2017, but I've definitely been seeing it become more and more common.

1. Vintage Unit

Reddit | MilkmanDevlin

In fact, while this image tweeted by the The Museum of English Rural Life in April 2018 wasn't the first use of the phrase, it's often cited as what popularized it.

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2. Squirrel Unit

Reddit | Mrbeardgravy

This is a very well-fed squirrel. It reminds me of the ones in my neighborhood, which in some cases resemble small dogs once they've plumped up for winter.

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3. Moo Unit

Reddit | douglonious

This cow is named Knickers and according to the local news station that covered the story, is approximately 1 Michael Jordan in height.

I appreciate the pun, since Jordan played for the Bulls.

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4. Bird Unit

Reddit | _Kyester123_

The discrepancy between the size of this bird's body and its head really upsets me for some reason.

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5. Maverick Unit

Reddit | freespiritedshadow

Maverick the dog is only a year old, but he's already huge. For context, the woman pictured says she's 5'6.

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6. Kunekune Unit

Reddit | -DongleBerries-

The Kunekune is a pig breed native to New Zealand and in the language of the Maori the name translates to "fat and round." Apt.

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7. Mangalitsa Unit

Reddit | JustSomeGuy_Idk

This pig is a wooly Mangalitsa or Mangalica. They are the only living breed of pig that has a long curly coat. They are also one of the fattiest breeds.

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8. Pixie Unit

Reddit | Mallowisaplant

Why pixie? Because the scientific name for the African bullfrog is Pyxicephalus adspersus which has given it the nickname of "pixie frog."

Because irony is funny.

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9. Widow Unit

Reddit | Hectorc34

Black widows are usually fairly small spiders, but females can get pretty big. It's hard to appreciate this one in a still frame, but you really get the sick context in the original video.

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10. Newfoundland Unit

Reddit | 1MightBeAPenguin

There are a pair of these dogs that frequent my local dog park and they really are this big. My own small dogs are maybe equivalent to their heads. Maybe.

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11. Kitty Cat Unit

Reddit | Photo2Painting

I know that Maine Coons are huge. I've seen plenty of pictures of them to prove it. Yet every time I see a new one, I'm surprised.

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12. Maine Coon Unit Part 2

Reddit | Papkin36

Seriously, though.

I couldn't decide between these two pictures. They're both insane.

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13. Sausage Unit

Reddit | CChumbo42069

This is why people are always reminded not to feed the wildlife. A piece of sausage may seem harmless, but it's a lot for a tiny animal.

For reference, 540 grams is about 1.20 pounds.

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14. Seal Unit

I don't know much about this seal or if being so big is dangerous for them, but I just can't get over how round it is.

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15. T-Shirt Unit

This bear is named T-shirt. T-shirt is well known in his neighborhood and was lucky their were deputies around to help him get out of that dumpster.

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