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Kids With Autism Can Visit 'Sensory Santa' At Malls Across The Country This Holiday Season

Emily McWilliams 12 Nov 2019

A new event is making sure every child is included in the spirit of Christmas. A number of malls are now offering "Sensory Santa" visits with reduced noise so that children with autism or sensory issues can meet Santa.

With events being held around the world, it seems like sensory Santas are a huge hit with families.

Everyone knows that malls during the holiday season can be hectic for everyone.

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For families who have children with autism or other sensory sensitivities, taking part in holiday traditions like meeting Santa can be challenging. All the noise, crowds, and lights can become overwhelming for these kids.

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That's why many malls are now offering "Sensory Santa" visits.

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks, a non-profit resource for individuals with autism, has compiled a list of malls offering these special sensory Santa visits which are taking place across the country.

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These visits with Santa are held in a quiet and calm environment, typically before the mall opens.

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These events are also free, although families can choose to purchase a photo package if they choose.

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This idea is quickly spreading around the world.

Westfield Mall

Westfield Mall in Australia recently went viral when they announced a similar program called "Sensitive Santa".

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At Westefield Mall, families also won't have to wait in a long line, either. They just have to show up for their scheduled appointment with Santa.

Unsplash | Mike Arney

"During your session, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help make your experience easier and we will accommodate any special requests as best we can," said a statement released by the mall.

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These events are helping to make the holidays more magical and inclusive for all families.

Giphy | Macy's

Now every child can have a special meeting with Santa this Christmas!

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