Vans' New Double-Sided Sequin Sneakers Are Basically Two Shoes In One

Vans has had a resurgence of sorts over that past few years that us 2004 Hot Topic and PacSun heads have tried to fully grasp. Suddenly, preppy peeps that called me Avril Lavigne in grade 7 are sporting the checkered kicks, and while it's personally had me confused, I'm ultimately happy that they were able to see their awesomeness.

In any case, many iterations of the classic skate shoe have graced store shelves, like their latest double-sequined style.

Over the last few years, people have been loving the double-sided sequin design and texture on everything from clothes to home decor.


Vans is the next company to try it out.

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For those not familiar, double-sided sequins are pretty self-explanatory — depending which way you smooth the sequins, it reveals a different color, pattern, and sometimes even both.

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Vans decided to go for two different colored slip-on shoes: their first pays homage to their classic black and white checker design, obviously with a sequin upgrade.

So, on the one side, you get some black and white sequined checkers, and on the other side you get a shimmery monochromatic black look.

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Their second pair features a colorful iridescent color scheme fit for a mermaid.


When the sequins are facing down, the shoe is a host of glimmering colors.

When the sequins are swiped up, a classic pink checker pattern is revealed.

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You essentially get two shoes one, which is an absolute steal for their $70 price tag.


Christmas is around the corner, and these would be perfect for someone who likes a little edgy glitz and glam in their life.

Find them on Vans' website!

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