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Have Your Weed And Drink It Too With Weed-Infused Wine

Now that weed is legalized in many states, companies are getting pretty creative with what they can make with it.

Like weed-infused wine.

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Many winemakers in California have been marrying the two chillest products to create the ultimate after-work drink.

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The effects of the wine are apparently quite subtle compared to other edibles.

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"There’s a little flush after the first sip, but then the effect is really cheery, and at the end of the night you sleep really well," she told the LA Times.

"It really is the best of both worlds; you get delicious wines with medicinal benefits.”

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For those who don't like smoking weed, or can't, and don't enjoy the effects of edibles, this seems to be a good place of landing.

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"The result is a mellow, physical “body high” rather than a more disorienting mental high," wrote LA Times' Patrick Comiskey.

Weed can be infused into just about any wine, but many winemakers pay extra attention to which strains pair best with certain wines.

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According to a LA Times article from 2016, weed-infused wine is only legally and commercially available in California for individuals with a medical marijuana card.

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This is because in other legal states, like Washington, Colorado, and Oregon, these types of infusions are not legal, although this might have now changed.

So if you live in California and have tried this, let us know what you think!

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