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Model's Baby Bump Time-Lapse Video Shows That Every Pregnancy Looks Different

Emily McWilliams 29 Nov 2019

The first thing that many people think of when they hear the word "pregnant" is a prominent, growing belly.

While it's true that this is one of the most obvious physical signs of pregnancy, every baby bump looks and grows differently. One model is proving this point by releasing a time-lapse video of her own pregnancy.

Belle Lucia is an Australian model who has worked for brands like PrettyLittleThings and Oh Polly.

She also has an active social media presence with 1.4-million followers on Instagram alone.

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Earlier this year, Belle announced in an Instagram post that she was expecting her first child with her partner.

The 25-year-old model also revealed that she was still working, and continued to model in addition to posting updates about her pregnancy on social media.

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It wasn't long before trolls tried shaming Belle.

Shortly after announcing her pregnancy, some criticized her body saying that her baby bump was "too small". Belle put these commenters in their place by stating that all pregnancies look different.

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Haters tried criticizing her again when she shared this pregnant bikini photo.

People commented on Belle's prominent veins in this photo, even though it is a normal side-effect of pregnancy. Despite some rude comments, many people praised Belle for normalizing this physical side-effect of pregnancy with her pic.

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Belle wasn't afraid to document her changing and growing body.

Every woman reacts to her pregnant body differently, but Belle encouraged other expecting moms to document their own pregnancies if they could. That way, they would have something to look back on to remember this time..

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In October, Belle gave birth to her son but has continued to share her updates about motherhood.

She's been honest about those 3 a.m. wake-ups and the difficulty of breastfeeding but her candid posts prove that there are some aspects of mom life that are relatable to everyone.

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She's also gotten real about her postpartum body.

In this photo taken three weeks after giving birth, Belle said she's "Embracing my new mum curves." Like all moms, her body has changed from pregnancy and now breastfeeding, but she's focusing on her health above everything else.

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Recently, Belle released a time-lapse video showing her changing body.

This beautiful video is a very empowering look at pregnancy and the postpartum period.

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While some women feel self-conscious during these times, Belle's video has actually helped others feel empowered about their own pregnancies.

"This actually makes me feel so much better about being 6 months and barely showing," said one YouTube comment.

Others have commented and thanked Belle for proving that every pregnancy looks different.

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