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15+ Snakes Just Sssstylin' In Hats

Ryan Ford 2 Dec 2019

Let's face it, snakes have a bit of a PR problem in the pet world. It's not even undue. Depending on where in the world you live, there's a legit possibility that a snake bite could leave you writhing in pain, if not dead. In those areas, it's not wrong to respect their space.

But there are also many, many completely harmless snakes out there. They're basically just wiggly bits of colorful string. The thing that just might help them make a breakthrough with the more squeamish crowd? Accessories.

1. Just look at this dapper lad.

Reddit | hannahftw

What a perfect gent in that top hat. There's nothing like formal wear to make a good first impression.

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2. I don't know what this snake is celebrating, but I'm in.

Reddit | rhillam

Looks like it's already pooped from the effort — it has partied until it dropped.

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3. When a hat is also a clever disguise.

Reddit | Nirvana_Smiley

Sure, snakes get a bad rap, but everybody loves a chicken, right? This is how you slip under the radar.

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4. Okay, the festivities can begin now.

Reddit | gweebah

For once, here's a Santa I have no problem believing can fit down any chimney. I guess that's not entirely comforting for a lot of people, though.

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5. Is there any occasion that a hat would be wrong for?

Reddit | QueenOfPentacles

I don't know, I think all new fathers should celebrate with a jaunty new chapeau.

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6. Now that's a patriotic python.

Reddit | jesusconqueso

Snakes are more than welcome at Fourth of July parties as long as they're properly attired, I would assume.

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7. This is just practical.

Reddit | Coprophile

Well, not the ear flaps, because it doesn't have any external ears, but the color will help this pale lady stick out.

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8. This is a mood right here.

Reddit | thetwicker

I think this little guy has a twinkle in his eye, like some mischief is afoot. Stay out of trouble!

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9. This snake clearly has an important party to get to.

Reddit | getabducted

But he's all dressed up and ready to go! The excitement is palpable.

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10. This snake is feeling the spirit of the season.

Reddit | Jackster21

Yes, it's another Santa hat, and no, we're not doing a "Who wore it better" thing. They're both wonderful.

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11. So nice of this snake's owner to fold up a little hat for it.

Reddit | Tchotchke00

This is like the classic party animal wearing a lampshade on their head. So money and it doesn't even know it.

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12. Do snakes need sombrero-level sun protection?

Reddit | vulture_me

Trick question; everybody needs sun protection. At least, it can't hurt, and it's adorable, so the sombrero is a win.

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13. When you're cold-blooded, you need all the help you can get staying warm.

Reddit | itsacalamity

So a little knit cap is the perfect topper for a scaley boi in need of warmth.

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14. Snakes can dream, too.


If you're going to dream of being anything, it may as well be a unicorn, and this little rope has the face for it at least.

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15. Is this a feathered boa?

Imgur | girlpirate

Technically speaking, yes, and it's also quite fabulous and dashing. I hope it's named after one of the Three Musketeers.

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16. If anyone or anything can bring top hats back into vogue, it's snakes.

Reddit | Vampiric_Goth_

Sorry Mr. Peanut, but this snake has outdone you, and he has an important opera to get to.

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17. It's not quite a fez, but this snake is still looking like the life of the party.

Imgur | Iamtheonewhoposts

Yes, that's actually a pasty, but I think it's time to acknowledge that they're better served on snakes' heads than in old timey bachelor parties.

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18. This snake looks like a proper gent in a bowler hat.

Reddit | mycorgiisamazing

Which on its own, I imagine, makes it well placed for a career as a British banker.

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19. Ready for the derby.

Reddit | mycorgiisamazing

Or possibly Easter. Either way, this girl is a fashionista with the perfect accessory.

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20. Any Firefly fans out there?

Reddit | Senor_Kyurem

Because surely they will recognize the Hero of Canton, in a fun noodle topper crocheted with love.

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