Have Your Bailey's And Eat It Too With Bailey's Irish Cream-Flavored Chocolate Chips

I don't know what it is about Bailey's that has its hold on society, but people absolutely love it. No dinner party is complete without it, and don't even think of offering coffee if you don't have it!

Now you can pair your dessert perfectly with the drink thanks to Bailey's Irish cream-flavored chocolate chips.

Bailey's Irish cream chocolate chips cookies are changing the cookie game.


The chips are made with semi-sweet chocolate and Bailey's Original Irish Cream flavor.

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While they're not actually boozy, they will definitely hit you with that sweet creamy, chocolate, and vanilla goodness that makes people coming back for more.

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It's not difficult to imagine how good these cookies will taste!

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To be honest, I might just eat these straight out of the packaging.

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You can find them at Walmart for $3.

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