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Christmas Sweaters For Chickens Are Cluckin' Adorable

When we say that people love their pets and will spend countless dollars on both their well being and their continued cuteness, we're usually talking about cats and dogs. Let's face it, the furry ones run the internet, and they're by far the most popular pets. But chickens are on the rise as pets, too.

It's not certain just how many people keep pet chickens — it was estimated that as many as 1% of U.S. households kept chickens as pets in 2013 however —but those who do certainly like them a lot.

Do chickens make good pets?

Well, they're not for everybody, but then, neither are dogs or cats. And there are increased chances of contracting salmonella from them, especially if kids are around them. But a lot of people are giving their pet chickens the full dog treatment, naming them, petting them, dressing them up, and walking them on leashes.

USA Today reported on just how pampered America's poultry is becoming, and it's eye-opening.

So, if chickens are going to be family members, like pets are, you should celebrate all the big occasions with them, right?

Etsy | AnimalFunandFashion

Which brings us to Christmas sweaters. Yes, somebody — presumably a friend of fowl everywhere — makes Christmas sweaters for chickens. Maybe they were enterprising and cashing in on the rising popularity of poultry, but if so, well done.

I mean, look how cluckin' good this chicken looks.

Etsy | AnimalFunandFashion

Look how proud she is in her special Christmas sweater, as if crocheted by her own grandmother. Of course, it wasn't, but it could have been.

Actually, the chicken Christmas sweaters are available through the Animal Fun and Fashion Etsy shop.

They are indeed handmade with love, however.

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The sweaters are available in four different sizes, all of which require a few measurements to get a proper fit.

They also come with a caveat: "I have been advised that these sweaters may not be safe for chickens to wear constantly. They can interfere with molting, or their feet can become tangled in the yarn if the fit is not correct," the seller wrote, so bear that in mind.

But if you're all good with that, these things look pretty warm and fun.

Etsy | AnimalFunandFashion

So, your fine feathered friends don't have to be left out in the cold this year. They can join in on the festive fun, too.

But keep an eye on the store, because apparently these are hot sellers.

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